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Warwick Merry is an accomplished business person, exhibitor, performer, host and facilitator. His clients call him “Australia’s best MC”.

Warwick’s continued success in the conference business is due to his authentic and engaging approach. As host, speaker, facilitator, MC, Merry will work with you to help plan the event.  The total focus is on the success of your event.

Merry’s experience working the breadth of Australia and around the globe in industries including: IT, Financial, Manufacturing, Pharmaceutical, Entertainment, HR and Telecommunications means that you have access to a wealth of experience. Whether you are planning a gala dinner, a five day international reward and recognition trip or something in between, Warwick can add experience, value and success to your event.

As a skilled and confident Host, Warwick will keep you informed prior to the event and arrive early. For an organiser this is one less thing for you to worry about!  Merry will start with the perfect ice breaker; a load of fun and directly linked to your brand in a way you could never imagine.

How Do You Get People To Take Action?

Warwick’s experience is that one of the biggest challenges that marketers, sales people and managers face is how to get other people to take action. To address this, Warwick wrote a short report on What Makes A Good Call to Action. 

Speaker Topics

Be a Goal Getter, not just a Goal Setter
Sick of writing lists of goals that rarely come to pass? Want to know one simple thing it takes to Get your Goals? Then this is the session for you. It is full of straight forward, no nonsense ways to Get your Goals and enjoy more success in your personal and professional life.
Get More Energy
The current demand on our people is high. We need to get more and more done with less time and less resources. How do you maintain a high level of energy in a healthy manner? How can you remain focussed on what needs to be done without caffeine, energy drinks and other short term stimuli? In this session, find easy steps to build an energy supply in your life. One that is sustainable for the long term. Discover how removing energy drains from your day helps you Get More Results and feel fabulous about who you are and what you are working to achieve.
Get More Face to Face Sales
Too often the sales team and internal sales team lack confidence in getting the basics right. This session re establishes the foundations of a successful sales person as well as showing some of the secrets to being an outstanding sales person. Whether you sell low priced consumables or high value and long lead time sales deals, you will walk away with some great tools for your sales tool kit.
Making Success SIMPLE: The art and science of getting the results you want
Success is NOT easy but it is simple. Success is different for each of us, so how can you be motivated by success when you do not know what it is? Discover a proven methodology for discovering and achieving Success while balancing your drive to succeed with enjoying day to day life. Walking out of this session you and your team will look at your own Success differently and have the tools to get the results that you truly want.
The Psychology of Success
Based on Warwicks research and experience with his mentoring clients and past consulting work, real business success comes from 7 key factors. Discover what these keys are and learn from the mistakes of other businesses. Full of easy to implement ideas, this session will leave you inspired and energised to Get More Business Success for yourself and your business.
Warwick Merry - MCs & Hosts

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