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Sophie Cachia

Australia's most relatable online identity

Sophie Cachia (nee Shaw) was born to a father who played AFL.  She was always was destined to make an impact. Her blog, “The Young Mummy” captivated mother’s all-around Australia with her relatable and humorous anecdotes and stories. Staying true to herself, Sophie wanted to ensure that the blog captured what it was like as a young mother of a first born, created to fill the void from no longer being able to study and work in her desired field of Sports Journalism. 

Sophie capitalised on the success of her viral blog by engaging on social media platforms (Instagram and Facebook) back when “influencers” were new to the social media landscape. Her videos, posts and stories allowed her followers into her home and showed glimpses of her life as a mum, wife and entrepreneur. This gave her an incredible opportunity to pave the way and pioneer the movement of bloggers and influencers that have navigated their way into our technology and homes. 

She has a way with words that make her stories come to life. So much so, that she became a published children’s author in a series of “Bobby” book’s with Lake Press. 

Over the years, Sophie has juggled being a mother and entrepreneur whilst managing to actively connect with her engaged social media followers. Her endearing approach to discussing life ensures she remains honest and down to earth. 

When she’s not working on her businesses, CACHIA, Fairy Magic and Next Gen Minis, Sophie is a savvy brand ambassador promoting the likes of Holden Australia, Garnier, Australian Open, Crown, Virgin Australia and most recently with Land Rover, where she has taken on an even greater creative approach to her partnerships. 

Sophie’s passion for creating engaging content along with her journalist ambitions and business savvy, have now set her up for the next phase of her career. She is a perfect host and/or MC, along with an accomplished speaker in the areas of small business & digital marketing, all whilst being a full-time mum and entrepreneur.

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