Michael Crossland

Travels from: New South Wales

Encourages audiences to achieve, succeed and make positive changes 

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Michael Crossland has an incredible life story which inspires and motivates anybody who hears it. He has overcome tremendous obstacles to build a life full of exceptional accomplishments and remarkable success.

Before the age of one, Michael was diagnosed with aggressive and life threatening cancer. Doctors warned him to stay away from school and sports, as the risk of infection and fatigue were much too high. They did not expect him to reach his teens. All he wanted to do was live a normal life rather than spending the majority of his time at a hospital.

This experience inspired Michael, enabling him to encourage every individual to go out and succeed as life is too short. His presentations have been heard by a large range of businesses, schools, colleges and professional sporting clubs across the globe, exceeding over 270,000 people that have been in his audience.

Crossland has now accomplished more than he could ever imagine, including becoming an Australian of the Year finalist, an Australia Day ambassador, a Camp Quality ambassador, being inducted into the International Hall of Fame as well as being an proficient businessman. He also runs a school and orphanage in Haiti.

In January 2016, Michael released his first autobiography, 'Kids Don't Get Cancer', which has become an international best seller.

Michael has an ability to captivate and engross any audience, regardless of size, and motivate each individual to make a positive change in their lives. His passion revolves around the motivation of individuals and driving them to be the best they can be as well as achieving success in both their personal and work lives.

Michael Crossland - MCs & Hosts

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