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Ernie Dingo - MCs & Hosts - One of Australia’s finest on-screen talents  ...

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Ernie Dingo

One of Australia’s finest on-screen talents and a national treasure

For decades Ernie Dingo’s talents have amazed audiences for their wide and far-reaching effects. A household name and face, Ernie has dazzled our screens for over thirty years, most recognisable for his hosting role on ‘The Great Outdoors’ which he held for sixteen years. Ernie’s talents extended to the international entertainment sphere with his role in Crocodile Dundee II as Charlie, and his role in Wim Wenders’ Until the End of The World.

Ernie grew up in Mullewa in WA. Performing caught his interest after his basketball team formed the dance group, Middar. His talents have grown immensely since – Ernie is widely regarded for his acting versatility above all else – his ability to work across so many mediums is awe-inspiring and in 1994, he was voted Aboriginal of the Year by the NAIDOC Committee. He parallels his unique comic talents with consummate dramatic ability, and so his career has shown; with a plethora of credits to his name, Ernie is tied to no genre or form of entertainment. He can do it all. His credits are split between a long list of commercial television and film roles; an exceedingly impressive gallery of achievements on every side of the entertainment sphere. Not to mention, his cross-cultural communicational abilities which lend him a highly inimitable set of skills that he frequently applies to his work - he was awarded the Deadly Award for Outstanding Contribution to Film and Television for his lifetime of work.

What is particularly impressive about Ernie’s career is the way in which he has progressed the entertainment industry’s depictions of cultural difference. Ernie initially worked roles requiring him to play what was a white director and writer’s very out of touch understanding of an aboriginal character, but he has since been able to broaden understandings of what this can be. He’s been a driving force in popularizing a wider understanding of indigenous perspectives, and has fortified a place as one of Australia’s finest contemporary actors.

Ernie Dingo is a tremendously gifted performer and storyteller. For years he has lent his talents to the screens of the entire country, and now he offers them to you. As a host, MC and after dinner entertainer, Ernie gives his all. His sharp wit and stage presence are on full display as he shows off his ability to captivate an audience and stir laughter.

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