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Amelia Brace - MCs & Hosts - Award-Winning Australian Journalist, Accomplished  ...

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Beat The Press – Journalism Under Fire

The extraordinary tale of a vicious attack outside the White House that was broadcast live and made headlines worldwide. In this keynote, Amelia describes what it’s really like to be the centre of a diplomatic incident on no sleep, empty stomachs and a hotel that’s on fire. Read less
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Presidents and Princesses

From covering red carpets, being MC for star-studded events, stalking royal hideouts, and sitting in bloodstained gutters, Amelia details the reality of life on the road, including fascinating celebrity interviews and behind-the-scenes look at the glamour of Hollywood (or lack thereof). Read less
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Toto, We’re Not in Canberra Anymore

Comparing Australian politics to Trump’s America. Amelia was transferred from Federal Parliament to the US at the start of Donald Trump’s presidency and stayed there for its entirety. How similar are we to our closest allies? Read less
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Amelia Brace

Award-Winning Australian Journalist, Accomplished MC And Political Correspondent

During her career as an award-winning Australian journalist, Amelia has worked as a foreign correspondent and political correspondent for Seven Network as well as for CNN and the BBC abroad. 

Amelia received the 2020 Walkley Award, Australian journalism’s highest honour, for her fearless coverage during the 2020 US protests. She made global headlines when US Police violently assaulted her and her crew outside the White House. Amelia suffered significant injury while broadcasting live, including being struck across the back with a baton and struck at point-blank range with rubber bullets and gasses with a chemical irritant. Despite this, Amelia showed great courage and dedication to her work as she continued her live coverage without interruption. She later returned to cover similar protests and altercations for a week after the attack.

Just weeks later, Amelia once again made headlines in Washington DC for becoming one of few Australians to be called to testify before the US Congress. She was questioned in a hearing broadcast live across the United States for three and a half hours.  Amelia used this opportunity to defend the role of journalism and explain the importance of journalists being allowed to do their job safely.

Amelia has a comprehensive understanding of local and international politics, foreign affairs, and history with two degrees in journalism and political science.

During her time in the US, Amelia also worked in entertainment, covering red carpets at the Oscars, Emmys, Golden Globes, Grammys, Vanity Fair and Elton John’s after-party. She was also responsible for film promotions, film reviews and cast interviews for Sunrise. During this time, she interviewed countless superstars, including Nicole Kidman, Brad Pitt, Margot Robbie, Matt Damon, Christian Bale, Charlize Theron, Renee Zellweger and many more.  

At the end of 2020, Amelia returned to Australia and has since then taken up a role as a senior reporter and presenter for Seven News in Sydney.  She is also a regular commentator on Sunrise and various radio programs.

A confident and witty speaker, Amelia offers a nuanced blend of poignant storytelling, humility and humour. She is as comfortable with banter as she is confrontation. Her story is not just an entertaining one but a powerful and important one to anyone who cares about the role of journalism and democracy.  

Amelia is also an assured and accomplished MC who brings a touch of class to any event.

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