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Inge Sildnik

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Inge Sildnik

The prolific stuntwoman inspiring better health and fitness across Australia

Passionate about performing arts her whole life, Inge Sildnik spent much of her early career as a contemporary dancer. But needing more excitement and thrill in her profession, Inge pivoted her career into film and TV as a stunt expert.

Known for her prolific career as a stunt actress and assistant stunt coordinator, Inge has worked on many international blockbusters like Mortal Kombat, Transformers 5, Pacific Rim, Mad Max: Fury Road, Superman Returns, and many more. She also contributes her expertise across iconic Australian TV, including Home and Away, A Place to Call Home, and The Gloaming.

An extensively certified fitness trainer, Inge is passionate about inspiring her audiences to develop healthy fitness habits throughout their lives. She continues to demonstrate her passion for extreme sport and adventure through her many active hobbies, including horse riding, martial arts, precision driving and wire-work.

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