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Hooked: How leaders connect, engage & inspire with storytelling

Lead with humour: Funny is the new money in business

Yamini’s presentations are completely tailored to your specific audience and business issues and she works with clients in a variety of ways including: A 90-minute keynote presentation to an unlimited audience– In her interactive, inspiring key notes Yamini blends humour and rich practical insights to talk about storytelling with a purpose and for business results. So whether you want to connect with clients and markets, dramatically increase people leadership skills as well as build a followership, storytelling is a skill that will help you.

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Yamini Naidu

Yamini Naidu is the world’s only economist turned business storyteller. She teaches business leaders how to engage their audience with influential and memorable presentations

Yamini Naidu is a master in organisational storytelling, guaranteed to captivate her audiences. With over a decade of experience, her insightful understanding of the issues faced by corporations and ability to work effectively has made her a highly sought-after presenter. Yamini teaches business leaders effective public speaking, how to influence for commercial results, grow revenue and stand out in crowded markets.

Yamini is a data loving economist who shifted into the setting up of Australia’s first company in storytelling, in 2005. She later launched her own business in 2013, working with corporate giants such as Google, Goldman Sachs, Tiffany & Co, Adidas, and more.

Delivering both motivational and insightful keynotes and workshops, Yamini’s expertise has seen her travel worldwide, most notably to work with Fortune 500 Companies, and ASX top 100 companies. As well as teaching leadership and management in Melbourne at RMIT University.

As the world’s only economist turned business storyteller, Yamini’s extensive corporate experience has allowed her to hold various senior leadership roles, working with senior industry leaders, key stakeholders and company boards.

Yamini is a best-selling author with 5 books, the most recent one being ‘X Factor’ which teaches business presenters how to connect, engage and inspire their audience. She focusses on the need for hyper-personalisation and authentic communication to connect with an audience and perfect one’s elevator pitch. Her previous book ‘Light of the Party’ explores how to easily and quickly connecrt with people, and how to charm and build rapport with the use of anecdotes. Yamini’s other books including ‘Story Mastery’, ‘Power Play’, and ‘Hooked’, all have a similar strong focus on the importance of good storytelling for business leaders to encourage their audience to take action. 

Yamini received the highest honour for speakers across the globe, the Certified Speaking Professional (CSP), awarded by both Australia’s National and Global Professional Speaking bodies. Australia only awards around 150 CSPs in total, with only 50 of them to females.

Yamini combines authenticity and humour with rich insights, presenting practical and inspiring ideas to engage and have a memorable impact on her audience. Her interactive sessions are guaranteed to create reliable strategies for businesses with the purpose of driving powerful results.


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