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Sam Edmonds - Leadership - Photographer, entrepreneur, and Antarctic expediti ...

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Speaker Topics

Managing change and expectations

The melting Antarctic Ice Read less
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Managing risk

First human footsteps on a city sized iceberg Read less
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Team management at the edge of the world

What Sam has learned from thirty expeditions to Antarctica

What to learn from a “near miss”

Antarctic helicopter crash Read less
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Sam Edmonds

Photographer, entrepreneur, and Antarctic expedition leader,

Sam Edmonds is a photographer, entrepreneur, and Antarctic expedition leader, boasting seven years and more than thirty Antarctic expeditions to date. 

His presentations build on his experience in the Antarctic to talk about leadership, crisis management, dealing with change and adversity, finding motivation and team building. 

In 2017, Sam survived a near helicopter crash in Antarctica and in 2020 he managed a vessel of 200 people while navigating the outbreak of Covid-19 and a group of Australians stranded off the coast of Uruguay. 

Through these hardships at sea, Sam has gained a unique experience and insight into the most valuable areas of leadership and operating under pressure. 

Over his seven years in the Antarctic, Sam has spoken and lectured to thousands of people on Antarctic conservation, advocacy, climate change, history, and safety. He has spoken to a wide array of audiences, including for Quark Expeditions, Climate Force, 2041, Chimu Adventures, Albatross Expeditions and CMI Ship Management. 

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