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Dr Paola Magni - Interesting Ideas - Global leader in forensic science and entomology

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Dr Paola Magni

Global leader in forensic science and entomology

Known by her colleagues as Australia’s ‘bug whisperer’, Dr Paola Magni has become one of the world’s leading consultants in specialist forensic science.

By investigating the behaviours of insects and other small creatures, Paola has played a pivotal role in helping law enforcement agencies around the world gather the necessary clues to solve murders, suspicious deaths and even cold cases. 

Paola was also the inspiration behind RIS Delitti Imperfetti, a character on the Italian version of television series "CSI: Crime Scene Investigation". Paola also worked on the show as a screenplay consultant and acting coach to make sure the program was as realistic as possible. 

Seeing a greater need for bug-related forensic expertise, Paola created the Smartinsects smartphone app as a guide to help law enforcement agencies to identify bugs. She was selected as a finalist for the 2019 Australian Pitch @ Palace in recognition of her work as a tech entrepreneur.

Dr Paola Magni remains a dedicated researcher and academic.

Currently a Senior Lecturer and Researcher in Perth’s Murdoch University, Paola continues to provide further insight into her field in a variety of podcasts, guest lectures and research publications. She has also published her first book on forensic entomology at age 25.

Paola also contributes her free time and entomological expertise to her local communities as an investigator into cases of animal cruelty and suspicious wildlife deaths for the RSPCA. 

An engaging speaker with infectious enthusiasm, Paola demonstrates the critical role of insects in crime scene investigations. A role model to all, Paola has dedicated her career to inspiring the next generation of scientists to innovate in all areas of STEM.


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