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Fear Is Your Future

Provoke curiosity and learn how fear is the greatest lever available to us, in making impactful and meaningful change, in a future of unknowns. Read less
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Human First

A thought provoking look at how the way we are unconsciously creating and engaging with technology is impacting our humanity. Penny demonstrates why connecting with what it means to be human is critical to our ability to thrive in a world of exponential technological growth. Read less
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The Busy Shall Inherit The Future, The Intentionally Adaptable Will Shape It

Penny seeks to challenge our doing in order to create the space for more being. She will explore how busy is the enemy of abundance, curiosity, innovation and fulfilment and support participants in understanding why skill in Intentional Adaptability is critical to humanity thriving in the age of exponential. Read less
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Penny Locaso

The World's First Happiness Hacker on a mission to future-proof happiness

As the world’s first Happiness Hacker, Penny Locaso is on a mission to teach everyone how to future-proof their happiness. Her goal is to teach 10 million of us by 2025 how to adapt intentionally, ultimately influencing our our own happiness. 

Having created the world’s first pedagogy and measurement tool, the Intentional Adaptability Quotient™, Penny is humanising how we develop into our future selves. 

Penny has been a guest lecturer at the Singularity University at the NASA Research Centre in Silicon Valley, seeing her work alongside world-leadingworld-leading technology and AI, as well as the inventors that create them. 

Her clients include large corporations and global enterprises, including Google, Microsoft, Booking.com, SalesForce, Deloitte, KPMG, LuluLemon Athletica and CocaCola. 

An advocate for fearlessness, Penny ensures she practises what she preaches, including delivering a keynote in her swimwear to get the message through, the idea of being comfortable with discomfort. 

Penny has shared the stage with speakers from across the world, including Dorie Clark, Gail Kelly, Yossi Ghinsberg, and Bernard Salt. She is an acclaimed TEDx and keynote speaker, sharing her inspirational messages to audiences worldwide. 

Her writing has been published and quoted in magazines and newspapers across the globe, including the Huffington Post, San Francisco Chronicle, Daily Mail UK, Thrive Global, SmartCompany, Conscious Magazine, StartUp Smart, Smarter Magazine, The Age, Women’s Agenda, The Sydney Morning Herald and NZ Entrepreneur.


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