Keith Abraham

Travels from: Queensland

A premier thought leader on passionate performance and cultures 

Categories: Branding & Marketing, Change Management, Communication, Customer Service, Innovation, Sales

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Keith Abraham has become the world’s premier thought leader on passionate performance and building passionate based cultures.  Companies across the globe turn to Keith for inspiration, insights and ideas on how to bring the best out in their people, their leaders and their customers

For 18 years Keith has inspired people around the world to live more passionately, assisting individuals and companies alike to create over 12 million goals.   As founder of Passionate Performance, Keith has been dedicated to researching, training and working with people to help them find their passion, harness their passion and turn their passion into tangible results in both their personal and professional lives.

Far from mutually exclusive, the passions which drive us outside of our working lives are intricately linked with those that make us successful in our careers.

Each of Keith’s presentations contain time-proven and tested strategies that stimulate participants to identify and link their personal goals to their professional goals, then teaches the keys to keep the motivation all the way through to the realisation of their best potential.

Keith’s personal experience and speaking proficiency will captivate and educate your leaders and staff, but it’s his personal dedication to supporting all participants throughout the follow-up period of his Program that distinguishes Keith. Personal service and time honoured expertise—that’s the Keith Abraham experience, and his commitment to you. 

Keith Abraham - Innovation

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