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Keith Abraham

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Speaker Topics

Achieving Your Impossible

Keith focusses on getting your people to stop and think about what is important and matters to them. He shares his 4-part formula which leads to your People becoming Clear, Determined and Focused on the right goals to achieve in the next 12 months in their personal life and professional role. They will have the tools to achieve what seems like their impossible! Read less
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Becoming Unstuck

For more than two decades Keith has researched what causes the Top 20% of your Business Leaders to become Stuck, Stale and Stalled! In this insightful keynote, he will show your Leaders how to move from being the BEST to becoming the GREATEST! Your Leaders will become compelled and committed to go to the next level by getting out of their comfort zone. Read less
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Creating Customer Loyalty

In this interactive keynote presentation, Keith shares time tested, easy to implement strategies on how your people can deliver a World Class Service Selling experience to your Customers that turns them into Loyal Brand Ambassadors for your Business. You see when your people understand the 5 Buying Motives and the 4 Components of any Great Service Experience, Customer Loyalty comes naturally. Read less
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Keith Abraham

A premier thought leader on passionate performance and cultures 

Industries across the globe turn to Keith Abraham for inspiration, insights and ideas on how to not only set goals— but how to achieve them—to bring out the best in their people, their leaders and their business. Keith is the global authority on goal achievement and the creator of the GoalDriver™ Formula. A formula designed to accurately determine what energises and engages each individual, driving them to achieve the unimaginable, unreachable and unattainable. 

With over 22 years as a professional speaker, delivering to over 340 clients in 29 different countries, Keith Abraham has been the recipient of multiple awards throughout his career. In 1999, Keith became a Certified Speaking Professional (CSP), putting him in the top 7% of professional speakers worldwide. He has experienced great success in Australia and in 2002 he received the highest award given to a Professional Speaker—the Nevin Award. In 2012 he was named Keynote Speaker of the Year. 

Adding to his already impressive CV, Keith is the bestselling author of five books, published in 12 languages, covering the areas of passion, goal achievement, customer loyalty and focus. As a regular contributor to publications and a frequent guest on business media and podcasts, Keith’s expertise and authority on the subjects of goal setting, goal achievement, goal centric-cultures and goal alignment is recognised globally. 

Keith is passionate about the work he does. 

Keith has learnt through his career of being on stages worldwide, is that to have the biggest impact on conference attendees, it is so much more than just turning up and presenting. Keith embodies his work and has become the real life, living example. 

Delivering an exceptional learning experience and inspirational presentation, attendees want to implement the ideas and insights immediately into their life and business role. Keith creates a seamless experience from the moment you book him, to the professional preparation time he takes getting to understand your business—all leading to attendees who are more engaged in a highly interactive and industry-relevant presentation. 

Keith leaves the audiences with resources to put what they have learnt into practice. Adding value to the learning experience for your people is Keith’s number-one priority. 


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