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Dealing with the Tough Stuff

Darren wrote the book on this topic; literally. As a coauthor of best selling Dealing with the Tough Stuff, Darren can show you practical skills on how to create a feedback culture for excellence. Read less
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The Edge Effect: Finding success on the brink of uncertainty

Do you sometimes think our business world is moving so fast you will get motion sickness? If there is one constant in our lives it is change. The curious thing is that some species, businesses, and people achieve enormous success in the same change environment where others flounder, and ultimately become extinct. The Edge Effect helps us take a new look at change, the uncertainty that comes with it, and ultimately how we can succeed. Read less
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The Science of Leadership

Good leadership equals good business. By focusing the efforts of your leaders on three key attributes all teams possess, you can shift the collective behaviours of your people to achieve greatness. Discover how to Manage Pressure, Make Progress and Establish Connection. Read less
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The Science of Ownership

Deep ownership where employees at all levels treat their work like they owned the business. So how do we achieve deep levels of ownership in our people? Well, science has plenty of answers, and unsurprisingly money is not one of them. In this keynote we lift the lid on motivation drivers and factors that influence ownership. A must attend session for leaders wanting to take their culture to another level. Read less
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Toughen Up: How to build a bulletproof culture in the face of unrelenting change

Change is constant and unrelenting, and getting faster. We need to build teams with a resilience to handle this constant buffeting. A tailored keynote, we look at where you are in a change cycle, how much change fatigue exists and map ideas to strengthen your culture. Read less
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Darren Hill

Offering culture change programs and advice that is shifting business

As a game changing strategist, Darren Hill has worked with some of the largest business and corporations globally, including McDonalds, PepsiCo, Schweppes, The Australian Federal Government and Suncorp Bank. 

As an author, Darren has provided advice in multiple newspapers, including for the Fairfax Media Group, News Limited, Smart Company and Business Insider, as well as published his own book titled ‘Dealing with the Tough Stuff: How to achieve results from key conversations’. 

Darren has also appeared on ‘The Today Show’ and ‘Sky Business News’. 

Offering real and applicable advice, Darren uses his expertise to help organisations stay grounded. 

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