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Dr Russ Harris

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Dr Russ Harris

An educator and speaker on the topic of psychological flexibility

Medical practitioner, executive coach, stress consultant and international authority, Dr Russ Harris is a fantastic speaker to educate any audience about the benefits and effects of psychological flexibility. 

His self-help book, titled 'The Happiness Trap', is dedicated to the use of psychological flexibility in everyday life, for health, vitality and fulfillment. 

Russ is a regular speaker both nationally and internationally, having presented at psychology conferences as well as providing training for coaches, psychologists, health professionals and businesses. His programs see participants report successful results in both their professional and personal lives. 

Qualifying as a doctor in 1989 in the UK, Russ migrated to Australia in 1991 and set up practice as a GP in Melbourne. Working as a GP, his interest in the psychological aspects of health raised, which ultimately led to a career change.

Now working as a stress consultant, trainer and coach, Russ has worked with some of the worlds experts on the development and use of psychological flexibility in the workplace. 

Russ' workshop, called 'The Happiness Trap', is suitable for any person looking to improve the quality of their life. It sees participants take a step towards greater self awareness and accountability. Within the workshops two days, Dr Russ equips participants with applicable skills in a humorous, practical and educational way. 

As the global pandemic continues, Russ Harris can tailor his presentation to discuss the effect coronavirus has on psychological flexibility. Russ can present his keynote speech by virtual broadcast to your organisation through videoconferencing, live streaming and Zoom events.

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