Dr Tim Sharp

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A highly regarded speaker on mental health and happiness

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As Australia's very own 'Dr Happy', Dr Tim Sharp is at the forefront of the positive psychology movement and is the founder of The Happiness Institute. 

A highly-sought after public speaker and author, Tim holds three degrees in psychology, is a regular on national and international TV, and is widely regarded as a leader in mental health.

With his presentations covering topics including resilience, coping with change and applications of positive psychology, Tim delivers impact and engaging keynotes that create real and lasting change. 

Audiences learn the fundamentals of how to create and live a happier existence, with Tim offering practical tools and easy-to-apply methods that remain long after the session. 

Speaker Topics

Faults, Failings and F Ups: A perfect recipe for success and happiness
Have you ever made a mistake? Have you ever failed at something? More to the point, who has not? We all have, including many famous and successful people, so why then do we resist this reality so determinedly? What if we could not just accept but really embrace our faults, failings and f ups to enjoy more happiness and success in life. Perhaps we will never be really happy until we do.
Habits for Happiness
Dr Tim Sharp aka Dr Happy has completed 3 degrees in psychology following which he has worked as a therapist, academic and researcher for more than a decade. It is safe to say there is not much he does not know about human behaviour, especially happiness, and how to help others. However for all of his adult life, Dr Tim Sharp has also endured his own lived experience of ill mental health. In this presentation Tim shares his story, from a personal and professional perspective, and all he has learned about happiness, mental health, resilience, thriving and flourishing, whilst highlighting the strategies workplaces can use to support their teams
Dr Tim Sharp - Health & Lifestyle

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