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Health & Lifestyle

Health & Wellbeing Speakers

Our health and wellbeing choices are central to our happiness as people. Everyone wants to be happy right? So let these speakers share some of their secrets.

Healthy employees with a work-life balance can make for a productive workplace. This also includes mental and emotional health.  Healthy employees are also three times more productive than unhealthy employees, no wonder these speakers are in demand!

Unhealthy employees are significantly more absent from work, which affects morale, and increases stress on the entire team.

It is important to create a healthy workforce not only for your business productivity but also for your social and moral responsibility.

Educating your workforce on the importance of a healthy mind and a healthy body starts right here with one of our health and wellness speakers.

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Travels From-

Dr Penny Adams - Health & Lifestyle

Dr Penny Adams

A trusted GP with a passion for health

Travels from New South Wales

John Novak - Team Building

John Novak

Reach your full potential 

Travels from New South Wales

Kylie Kwong

Kylie Kwong has become synonymous with modern Chinese cooking in Australia. As ...

Travels from New South Wales

Tayla Damir - Health & Lifestyle

Tayla Damir

2018 Love Island Australia Winner, Digital Influencer and Broadcaster

Travels from Victoria

Snezana Wood

With her striking European looks, charming disposition and innate smarts, Snezana personifies ...

Travels from Victoria

Lauren Phillips - MCs & Hosts

Lauren Phillips

Lauren Phillips has carved her path to become one of television’s most ...

Travels from Victoria

Amanda Johnstone - Leadership

Amanda Johnstone

Australia’s first and only recipient of TIME Magazine’s Next Generation Leader Award ...

Travels from New South Wales

Dr Joe Kosterich - Health & Lifestyle

Dr Joe Kosterich

Author, speaker, doctor and health industry consultant

Travels from Western Australia

Zoe Bingley-Pullin - Health & Lifestyle

Zoe Bingley-Pullin

Nutritionist, internationally trained chef, founder of nutritional consultancy and media personality

Travels from New South Wales

Paul Taylor - NEW Online Presentation - Change Management

Paul Taylor - NEW Online Presentation

Building resilience for a healthy mind

Travels from Victoria

Andrew Matthews - Motivational Speakers

Andrew Matthews

Best-Selling Self-Help Author and Accomplished Speaker

Travels from Queensland

Carren Smith - Motivational Speakers

Carren Smith

A powerhouse of positivity and success, Carren inspires transformation and a new ...

Travels from Queensland

Alastair McLeod - Celebrity Chefs

Alastair McLeod

Taking his passion for food wherever he goes 

Travels from Victoria

Richard Chambers - Health & Lifestyle

Richard Chambers

Clinical psychologists and leading mindfulness expert

Travels from Victoria

John Tickell - Health & Lifestyle

John Tickell

Dr John Tickell is one of the rare breed of speakers who ...

Travels from Victoria

Samantha Gowing - Celebrity Chefs

Samantha Gowing

Leading Spa Chef and Clinical Nutritionist 

Travels from New South Wales

Dr Gina Cleo - Health & Lifestyle

Dr Gina Cleo

Dietician and expert in habit change and wellbeing 

Travels from Queensland

Leanne Hall - Health & Lifestyle

Leanne Hall

Integrative psychologist and mind-body expert

Travels from New South Wales

Lee Holmes - Health & Lifestyle

Lee Holmes

Holistic nutritionist, health coach and wholefoods chef

Travels from New South Wales

Moana Hope - Sports Heroes

Moana Hope

A powerhouse of Womens Football since the age of 16 when she ...

Travels from Victoria

Diana Williams - Business Speakers

Diana Williams

Founder and Chairman of the Board of Fernwood Fitness

Travels from Victoria

Dr Sandro Demaio - Health & Lifestyle

Dr Sandro Demaio

A man on a mission, educating people worldwide to eat better  ...

Travels from Victoria

Samuel Johnson and Aaron Williams - Health & Lifestyle

Samuel Johnson and Aaron Williams

'Life Stuff'.... crushing the stigma around mental health!

Travels from Victoria

Chelsea Pottenger - Mindfulness & Mindset

Chelsea Pottenger

An international speaker and a leading authority on productivity, mindfulness and well-being ...

Travels from New South Wales

Dr Katrina Warren - Health & Lifestyle

Dr Katrina Warren

A trusted media veterinarian with over 25 years experience 

Travels from New South Wales

Craig Hamilton - Mindfulness & Mindset

Craig Hamilton

Mental Health Advocate, Keynote Speaker and Author

Travels from New South Wales

Kylie Gillies - MCs & Hosts

Kylie Gillies

A household name, reporter, producer, newsreader and presenter

Travels from New South Wales

Carla Dziwoki - Sports Heroes

Carla Dziwoki

Netball player, media personality and a guide to elite Australian cricketers

Travels from Victoria

Aaron Williams - Mindfulness & Mindset

Aaron Williams

Providing audiences with the inspiration to feel happier, stronger and healthier every ...

Travels from Queensland

Elle Macpherson - Celebrities

Elle Macpherson

One of the world's best-known faces and brand names

Travels from United Kingdom

Shannan Ponton - Health & Lifestyle

Shannan Ponton

Passionate about all things health and wellbeing, Shannan works to transform people's ...

Travels from New South Wales

Dr. Jenny Brockis  - Mindfulness & Mindset

Dr. Jenny Brockis

Passionate about helping people work smarter not harder

Travels from Western Australia

Sarah Wilson - Health & Lifestyle

Sarah Wilson

Bestselling author and founder of the I Quit Sugar movement

Travels from New South Wales

Norman Swan - Health & Lifestyle

Dr Norman Swan

A multi-award winning broadcaster and medically qualified journalist 

Travels from New South Wales

Allan Sparkes - Mindfulness & Mindset

Allan Sparkes

A leader in the shift towards mental wellness and lifetsyle awareness

Travels from New South Wales

Rosie Mansfield

Re-designing the way we eat by educating audiences about the importance of ...

Travels from New South Wales

Reece Carter - Health & Lifestyle

Reece Carter

A passionate advocate for sensible nutrition, herbal remidies and fitness

Travels from New South Wales

Casey Beros - Health & Lifestyle

Casey Beros

A recognised health journalist, television presenter and content producer

Travels from New South Wales

Dr Nikki Stamp - Health & Lifestyle

Dr Nikki Stamp

Determined to change the way we think about health

Travels from Western Australia

Tim Robards - Health & Lifestyle

Tim Robards

Known for his dedication to health, fitness and clean living

Travels from New South Wales

Steph Prem - Health & Lifestyle

Steph Prem

Former winter Olympian and leading women's health advocate

Travels from Victoria

Lola Berry - Health & Lifestyle

Lola Berry

A highly sought after expert for speaking on health and nutrition

Travels from Victoria

Dr Michael Nagel on Mindfulness - Mindfulness & Mindset

Dr Michael Nagel on Mindfulness

Mindfulness, the Brain and Enhancing the Workplace!

Travels from Queensland

Al Jeffery - Communication

Al Jeffery

Find your purpose and create a life of meaning

Travels from Victoria

Rhian Allen - Women in Business

Rhian Allen

Founder and CEO of Australia's largest parenting health website

Travels from New South Wales

Sally Obermeder - Health & Lifestyle

Sally Obermeder

One of Australia’s most loved television personalities

Travels from New South Wales

Simon Waring - Motivational Speakers

Simon Waring

An inspiring tale of triumph over adversity

Travels from Victoria

Sam Wood - Health & Lifestyle

Sam Wood

TV personality, radio host, author and leading health expert

Travels from Victoria

Jessica Sepel - Health & Lifestyle

Jessica Sepel

Passionate about educating Australia on the benefits of healthy lifestyles

Travels from New South Wales

Joanna McMillan - Health & Lifestyle

Joanna McMillan

Teaching audiences how embrace a happier and healthier lifestyle

Travels from New South Wales

Dr Tim Sharp - Health & Lifestyle

Dr Tim Sharp

Internationally Renowned Leader in Positive Psychology and Founder of The Happiness Institute  ...

Travels from New South Wales

Lucy Haslam - Motivational Speakers

Lucy Haslam

Passionate about patients receiving support for their needs

Travels from New South Wales

Katherine Sampson - Women in Business

Katherine Sampson

Learn how to take a step into the unknown business world

Travels from Victoria

Dr Ginni Mansberg  - Health & Lifestyle

Dr Ginni Mansberg

A physician, columnist, media commentator, author and speaker.

Travels from New South Wales

Alan Tongue - Inspirational

Alan Tongue

2017 Australian of the Year for ACT.

Travels from ACT

Bridie Duggan - Health & Lifestyle

Bridie Duggan

Northern Territory National Finalist for Young Australian of the Year 2017

Travels from New South Wales

Dean & Shay - Health & Lifestyle

Dean & Shay

Find a new approach to creative thinking and innovation

Travels from New South Wales

Clare Bowditch - Motivational Speakers

Clare Bowditch

Best-selling musician, Logie Nominated actor, experienced speaker, MC and author.

Travels from Victoria

Hetty Johnston AM - Education Speakers

Hetty Johnston AM

A non-stop campaigner and advocate for child protection

Travels from Queensland

Dr Libby Weaver - Health & Lifestyle

Dr Libby Weaver

Explore the interplay between nutrition, emotions and biochemistry

Travels from New Zealand

Michael Licenblat - Mindfulness & Mindset

Michael Licenblat

Increase adaptivity, positivity and performance with increased resilience

Travels from Victoria

Kristy McKellar OAM - Motivational Speakers

Kristy McKellar OAM

Play a part in preventing domestic violence across the country

Travels from Victoria

Sofie Formica  - Health & Lifestyle

Sofie Formica

A professional, entertaining and engaging speaker

Travels from Queensland

Liz Cantor - Health & Lifestyle

Liz Cantor

A true advocate for adventure and living every day

Travels from Queensland

Rik English - Mindfulness & Mindset

Rik English

Rik English lives by his self developed ‘Create Grow Share’ methodology and ...

Travels from New South Wales

David Ball - Health & Lifestyle

David Ball

Become equipped to maintain wellness in corporate life

Travels from Queensland

Anne Holland - Business Speakers

Anne Holland

Passionate speaker, educator and author about all things health and lifestyle

Travels from Victoria

Tracey Currie - Education Speakers

Tracey Currie

Hear from a women that is changing the health sector

Travels from Victoria

Robbi Mack - Motivational Speakers

Robbi Mack

Connect to transform lives, connect with what is truely important

Travels from New South Wales

Fiona Redding - Motivational Speakers

Fiona Redding

Prepare to feel motivated to create changes in your life

Travels from Victoria

Carl Honore - Health & Lifestyle

Carl Honore

An in-demand spokesman on slowing down

Travels from United Kingdom

Craig Harper - Change Management

Craig Harper

An integral part of the Australian health and fitness landscape

Travels from Victoria

Dr Toby Ford - Health & Lifestyle

Dr Toby Ford

Helping executives and staff become their best selves

Travels from Queensland

Mark Bunn - Mindfulness & Mindset

Mark Bunn

Learn timeless health wisdoms from a former AFL star

Travels from Victoria

Mark McKeon - Communication

Mark McKeon

Leading work life balance and team cohesion advocate

Travels from Victoria

Paul Taylor - Motivational Speakers

Paul Taylor

Exercise Physiologist, Nutritionist, Neuroscientist and Affiliate Professor

Travels from Victoria

Dr Russ Harris - Health & Lifestyle

Dr Russ Harris

An educator and speaker on the topic of psychological flexibility

Travels from Victoria

Susie Burrell - Motivational Speakers

Susie Burrell

One of Australia's leading dietitians and nutritionists

Travels from New South Wales

Tiffiny Hall - Motivational Speakers

Tiffiny Hall

Australia’s most famous ninja.

Travels from Queensland

Nicky Buckley - MCs & Hosts

Nicky Buckley

One of Australia's most recognised female faces

Travels from Victoria

Dr Michael Nagel  - Education Speakers

Dr Michael Nagel

Provides contemporary insights into learning, motivation and 21st century learners.

Travels from Queensland

Jo Stanley - Comedians

Jo Stanley

Comedian, author, speaker and host

Travels from Victoria

Dr Sally Cockburn - Health & Lifestyle

Dr Sally Cockburn

An expert in sex, relationships, lifestyle and good health 

Travels from Victoria

Dr Ross Walker - Education Speakers

Dr Ross Walker

Eminent practicing cardiologist with a passion for people and health

Travels from New South Wales

Dr Helena Popovic - Education Speakers

Dr Helena Popovic

Doctor – Carer – Author – Speaker – Media Commentator

Travels from Queensland

Dr Andrew Rochford - Health & Lifestyle

Dr Andrew Rochford

Focussed on improving the health and wellbeing of all Australians

Travels from New South Wales

Cyndi O

Cyndi O'Meara

A lively and inspiring health expert and lifestyle coach.

Travels from Queensland

Blythe Rowe - Communication

Blythe Rowe

Understand the brain and the importance of relationships 

Travels from New South Wales


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