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Speaker Topics

Building Exceptional Client Relationships

Ross, the world renowned author of Developing Knowledge Based Client Relationships, shares his expertise on client relationship management Read less
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Business in the Age of AI

Practical, powerful insights on how businesses can understand and respond to the implications and opportunities of the rapid rise of Artificial Intelligence. Read less
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Competing in the Global Economy

In this powerful keynote, Ross explains the MegaTrends of the global economy, the implications of a networked world based on talent and innovation, and the challenges and opportunities of generational change. Read less
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Creating the Future of Business

In this compelling keynote, futurist Ross Dawson shows what is shaping the future of business in your industry, and the steps you can take to succeed in exciting new ways. Read less
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Embracing the Future

Explore how to embrace the future and seize the enormous opportunities ahead. Read less
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Future of the Enterprise

What will the future hold for the structure and inner workings of the enterprise? Consult the expertise of business speaker Ross to discover crucial trends and research on the enterprise Read less
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Harnessing the Power of Innovation

Be inspired with the new frontiers of effective innovation as Ross offers practical advice on how to innovate faster, better, and more effectively. Read less
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Leadership for Radical Times

Ross describes the leaders of today and tomorrow, and how they are turning radical change into massive opportunity. Read less
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Platform Strategy: Creating Exponential Value in a Connected World

Platforms are at the heart of value creation today, not just for technology companies and startups, but every organization. This keynote provides powerful insights into how to tap the value of platforms and build fully scalable value creation. Read less
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Profiting from Technology Trends

Take an entertaining and insightful look at the latest in technology and how to apply these trends to create business value. Read less
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Social Media and the Future

As a social media expert and keynote speaker, Ross shares how to make social media a driving force for your business success. Read less
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Tapping Personal Networks to Drive Business Success

In this engaging and highly interactive address, Ross shows how to tap the power of personal networks to drive business success. Read less
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The Next 25 Years

Wow your audience with a rollicking ride through the incredible possibilities ahead of us and how we can use technology to create a better future. Read less
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The Power of Social Media

Explore the three major perspectives on social media: Engagement, Organizations, and Individuals, as Ross shares his insights on why effective Leadership is essential for value creation from social media. Read less
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Thriving on Information Overload

In a world of extraordinary information overload, there is a clear set of habits, approaches and technologies that can help us to master the tide and keep on top of it all. Ross explains how those who learn to thrive on overload will be true masters of the information age. Read less
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Ross Dawson

Innovative thinker and leading futurist with a practical approach

Globally recognised as a leading futurist, Ross Dawson is a keynote speaker, entrepreneur and authority on business strategy.

As the Founding Chairman of four major companies, Ross understands the intricacy of business and trends. 

Ross frequently speaks at major conferences and events across the globe.

He is the author of several books, including ‘Living Networks’, which foresaw the social networking revolution, as well as the blog ‘Trends in the Living Networks’.

A frequent media commentator, Ross has appeared on ‘CNN’, ‘Bloomberg TV’, ‘SkyNews’, ‘ABC TV’, ‘Today’ and ‘Sunrise’. 


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