Jamie Woodruff

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Hear from the man who hacked Facebook, Google and Kim Kardashian

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Jamie Woodruff is one of the world’s leading experts and authorities on all things hacking and cybersecurity. Known as the man who hacked Facebook, Google and Kim Kardashian, Jamie is a self-taught ethical hacker. 

At age 9, Jamie taught himself how to hack, and has been working with some of the largest global corporations to test their cybersecurity and highlight any potential vulnerabilities. His hacking skills first came to light when he successfully hacked in Facebook as part of a student competition at his university. 

Jamie is now the Director of Metrics Cloud, which specialises in training, penetration, testing and recruitment. He is also the cyber safety advisor at the Cyber Smile Foundation.

As a speaker, Jamie is described as fascinating and humorous. With incredible stories, including one of him impersonating a pizza delivery worker and walking straight into a large financial institution and gaining access to their cyber information, Jamie is passionate about increasing cyber awareness. He explains to audiences the importance of system and network security, as well as involving them in understanding how they can be manipulated. Jamie helps audiences explore how they can protect both their systems and network security. 

Jamie Woodruff - Futurists & Future Trends

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