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Dr Clio Cresswell

Travels from: New South Wales

Categories: Futurists & Future Trends, Innovation, Interesting Ideas

Full Presenter Profile & Bio

Dr Clio Cresswell has a diverse and very successful career as a mathematician, author, writer and presenter. Clio lectures mathematics at The University of New South Wales where she is a Visiting Fellow. Her latest book is titled Mathematics and Sex (published through Allen and Unwin); she writes a Q&A “relationships advice” column for New Woman Magazine; and features regularly on television, radio and press.

Diversity has been a constant theme in Clio’s life. Born in England, she spent part of her childhood on a Greek island, and was then schooled in the south of France. Clio was studying Visual Art in Cannes before she simultaneously discovered the joys of Australia and mathematics at the age of 18. She went on to study mathematics at university and following a stint as an actuary, Clio returned to university to win the University Medal (UNSW) and complete a PhD. Today, she is a proud Australia Day Ambassador.

Clio Cresswell has interviewed personalities on The Panel; delivered serious book reviews for the Science Show on ABC’s Radio National; has been a not-so-serious host on breakfast radio on Triple M; has given relationship advice on Beauty and The Beast as well as on Mars/Venus with Rebecca Gibney; has made jokes on The Glasshouse; won the debate for The Greatest Australian on the ABC TV special of the same name (successfully speaking for Lord Howard Florey); and was even voted one of the 25 Most Beautiful People by Who Weekly in 2001. Currently, she is a member of The Brains Trust on The Einstein Factor, on ABC TV.

Clio Cresswell’s outlook on life is entertaining and informative. Her continual research into unconventional topic areas, teamed with her innate ability to connect themes between all subjects, inspires audiences to think about what they do in a productive and exciting new way. Her varied experiences and eclectic outlook on life means Clio easily comes up with quirky and fresh approaches to most topics (like ‘mathematics’ and ‘sex’!). Combined with her bubbly personality, she is captivating, intellectually stimulating and thoroughly entertaining.

Dr Clio Cresswell - Futurists & Future Trends

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