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Dr Clio Cresswell

Inspiring audiences to view what they do in a positive manner

With a diverse and successful career, Dr Clio Cresswell is a mathematician, author, writer and presenter. She currently acts as a Visiting Fellow at The University of New South Wales, and lectures on mathematics. 

Clio is a widely published author, having released her own book, ‘Mathematics and Sex’, as well as writing Q&A columns and articles for magazines. She has also appeared as a regular guest on various television and radio programs. 

Having been born in England, spent her childhood in Greece and schooled in France, Clio has been exposed to the diversity life holds. 

Her education credits include studying mathematics at university before spending time as an actuary. 

With an entertaining and informative approach to life, Dr Clio is constantly learning and growing, with all that information passed onto her audiences. She has an innate ability to connect themes between various subjects, whilst inspiring audiences to view what they do in a productive and positive way. 

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