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Clem Newton-Brown - Futurists & Future Trends - OAM, CEO and Founder of Skyportz

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Delivery Drones and Flying Taxis

Clem explores how delivery drones and flying taxis are going to change the way we live Read less
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Planning for Future Cities

Planning for cities in an autonomous future driven by electric vehicles and aircraft Read less
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Uber Air and Urban Aerial Mobility

Discover the world of aerial mobility and it's influence on the future Read less
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Clem Newton-Brown

OAM, CEO and Founder of Skyportz

Clem is a former planning barrister, Deputy Lord Mayor of Melbourne, and Member of Parliament. Having spent a lifetime around politics, law and planning, he is now at the frontline pushing the boundaries for city planning. With his experience, Clem has a unique insight into how this transport revolution can be realised.

Nowadays, Clem spends his time putting his legal, planning, and political skills to use by helping bring about urban aerial mobility in the form of flying taxis.

He is the CEO and Founder of Skyportz. With Uber Air announcing Melbourne as the first international test city for flying taxis, Skyportz is developing the network of landing infrastructure necessary for urban aerial mobility. In this, Clem and Skyportz have been at the forefront of assembling the pieces of the emerging air taxi ecosystem for several years.

In his presentation, Clem can provide insights into what this will mean for Australia and why Melbourne was selected as the test city. Having started the first water taxi service on the Yarra River in 1992 and travelled via a powered scooter 25 years before the current micro-mobility trend, Clem is a futurist predicting the future years in advance. In addition, he is also actually creating the urban environment to facilitate the biggest change the world has seen since the invention of the motor vehicle.

The future will be here sooner than you think, and Clem will give you a fascinating insight into this new world.

Currently, Clem is the chair of the Advanced Air Mobility working group of the Australian Association for Unmanned Systems, serves on the Federal Government's New and Emerging Aviation Technologies committee and the NASA Advanced Aerial Mobility working group in the United States. He runs Whitemark Property and Planning, a consultancy specialising in strategy for complex projects.

In 2019, Clem received a Medal in the Order of Australia for services to the Parliament of Victoria and the community of Melbourne.


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