Steve Barnett - The Silent Conductor

Travels from: South Africa

Imagine a learning experience more powerful than words.

Categories: Communication, Feature Acts

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A “Non-Speaker” on the Professional Speaker’s circuit for over 20 years, Steve Barnett engages an audience by turning them into an orchestra with his charm and inspiration – no words required.

Audiences who may never before have picked up an instrument are able to create beautiful music under the direction of this masterful conductor.

The ability to mould an orchestra out of any group he encounters, from 30 people in a conference room to 30,000 in a stadium, Barnett will mesmerise and engage the audience using his unique style and charisma whilst never uttering a word.

Communicating through music, laughter and joy is an awe-inspiring experience.  The art of silent communication is truly enlightening.



Steve Barnett - The Silent Conductor - Feature Acts

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