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Cool in a Crisis

Will you be in the hot seat when crisis strikes? People are stood up to lead in a crisis when it happens. If it is not your day job, it is a daunting prospect. Cool in a Crisis draws on Mikes work with Police Counter Terrorism, Fire Services, Oil Spill Responders and teams entering geopolitical unstable regions. Filled with practical tips to cool the hot seat! Read less
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Council of Wombats

Leaders are often expected to learn how to lead on the job. That can be a challenge for them and their team. The council offers three clear actions which if regularly applied by leaders, will increase their effectiveness. Read less
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Making Change Work

Change is relentless and even the best change plans encounter fatigue and resistance. We will explore reasons for resistance and low cost tactics to reduce stress, increase engagement and make change more likely to stick. Read less
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Thrive and Adapt

You make many transitions every day: into the morning traffic, the budget meeting, a performance management conversation, welcoming a new staff member. Many transitions require you to change hats, focus and demands extra energy. Each is an opportunity for clarity, presence and focus, but more often there is distraction from the last transition, to the ones coming up, not to mention the constant ping as emails flood your inbox. Discover tactical tools to deal with pressure. Read less
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Leaders and teams daily face variables they have no direct control over, from disruptive tech to changing markets or even grumpy reviews on social media. Many teams are rattled by the barrage. Unshakeable leaders and teams create a sense of certainty based on being. They face whatever life throws at them from a solid foundation. Unshakeable teams are more engaged, more productive and more effective. An advantage that multiplies in uncertain times. Read less
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Mike House

Learn how to thrive in any situation

As one of the nation’s leading survival instructors, Mike House is an engaging and interesting speaker. Drawing on his life and career experiences, Mike captures audience’s attention as soon as her steps in front of them. 

Mike has spent over twenty years working with diverse groups, including youth at risk, multinational corporations and television documentary crews, taking them on one of the most difficult survival exercises. 

One for adventure and challenges, Mike has survived several life-threatening survival situations. He has put his survival skills to the test, including undertaking a 12-day solo walk in one of Australia’s most hostile environments. 

Having observed and led people in difficult survival situations, Mike has developed an insight into human behaviour. He applies the same principles learned in survival to business and workplaces, demonstrating how people wither panic and suffer, or adapt and thrive. 

Mike is extremely passionate about creating and strengthening great teams, that thrive even under great pressure and difficult circumstances. 

Equipping audiences with the tools and techniques to transform results and decrease stress, Mike doesn’t just talk the talk, he walks the walk. 


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