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With warmth, wit and surprising stage presence for her small stature, Kim Adams brings a unique blend of grounded charisma and creative style to events.  Kim effortlessly blends her professional background with inspirational messages and her enthusiasm to encourage everyone to Find Their Groove and live life on their terms. 

She is renowned for her stage presence, warmth and intellect that enables her to connect ideas, people and concepts in a way that creates seamless, successful events.

Kim Adams combines her 15 years in program evaluation and research with her qualifications in psychology, management, and yoga to provide a unique and pragmatic approach to leadership development. Kim effortlessly blends evidence-based neuroscience and cutting edge leadership development knowledge with contemplative wisdom to create programs that inform and inspire.

During her time working with policing organisations at a State and National and International level Kim realised that leadership development did not always empower people to bring their unique and diverse talents forward. Fitting in was more important than standing out.

Kim empowers clients to Find Their Groove and lead authentically from the heart, to create success without sacrificing their health or their dreams. Kim particularly enjoys working with traditionally male dominated professions, and due to her experience is especially attuned to working with police and emergency service agencies.

Her business was created after she decided to take the leap and start creating a life of meaning on her terms – she found her groove. Today Kim’s work is based on a philosophy of taking off the mask of expectations and creating choices that matter to you, not simply following the crowd.

Kim holds a Masters of Public Management, Bachelor of Applied Science (Psychology) (Hons), and is a registered Yoga Teacher.

Whether you are seeking a leadership program for your executive team, an inspiring keynote for your conference or an MC to create an event that inspires, Kim will work closely with you to deliver outcomes that matter.



When you find your groove there is nowhere else you need to be! Once you are comfortable and fully present in honest self-awareness you become more resilient to life’s’ rollercoaster ride, more willing to step out of your comfort zone and therefore able to achieve true success. Kim inspires people to refuse to live a life dictated to by their or others expectations and instead discover their own unique blueprint and style.

Clarity + Mindset + Momentum = Success


This presentation is crafted around the six pillars of Kim’s Self Leadership Framework

  • Mindful Leadership – being connected to what is important to you and the organisation
  • Conscious Leadership – being consistent in your habits and attitude
  • Influential Leadership – having confident presence
  • Resilient Leadership – building mental and emotional resilience
  • Visionary Leadership – fostering curiosity
  • Compassionate Leadership – being vulnerable and empathetic


The ability to communicate confidently and authentically is what will set you apart, allow you to be seen and create influence. Whether you are leading a small team, need to pitch your ideas, want to rise to executive level or aspire to speak to a larger audience, your presence is what will give you the edge. Discover what exactly is presence and how your can own power in any situation.

These presentations make for powerful keynotes and can be further expanded into in ½ day or full day workshops.


  • Leadership
  • Women in Business
  • Motivational
  • Change Management
  • Master of Ceremonies/ Host
  • Facilitator
Kim Adams - Facilitators

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