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Natalie Bloom - Entrepreneur - Using her passion, Natalie built her business from ...

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Natalie Bloom

Using her passion, Natalie built her business from the ground up

Combining her passion for makeup, design and botanicals, Natalie Bloom has built her business and success from the ground up. 

Natalie first began her business by producing candle making kits, before realising the natural ingredients she was including could be used well in a lip balm. Realising the niche for natural beauty products, Natalie set out to change the game within the beauty industry, and Bloom was born.

Bloom is now a global cosmetics company, with it’s core values and emphasis on natural products and sensibility. Bloom’s products have appeared in fashion shoots and magazines across the globe, with Natalie still at the helm.

As a successful businesswoman, Natalie has experienced her fair share of hard work, dedication and knockbacks. She understands how important it is to follow through with a good idea and encourages everyone to develop their own ideas fully. 

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