Kyla Kirkpatrick

Known as The Champagne Dame

We now live in a world where the barriers to entry with business are low and people are seeking a richness from their existence and satisfaction from their day jobs.

Kyla Kirkpatrick, is one of those rare birds who made a decision early in life to live a life of passion and follow her heart and she has an incredible story to tell.

In 2005 Kyla gave away her career in finance after reading a series of books on Champagne history. She was drawn into the story of the region falling in love with the enigmatic history of Champagne including the story of Napoléon Bonaparte and his friendship with Jean Remy Moët.

Kyla decided to write a letter to a gentlemen who had written her favorite book on champagne and to her surprise he wrote back to her inviting her to France to study with him.

Kyla turned her heel on her career, left her long-term partner, gave away her dog and bought a one way ticket to Paris.

It is here where her incredible new journey began – a life of champagne, grand soirees, Saudi Arabian princes and luxury travel.

Now known as The Champagne Dame, Kyla has carved a BIG small business out of a niche industry and is considered an expert in her field of bubbles.

Growing up in regional Australia far from the life she now knows, Kyla’s headstrong determination to fulfill her dreams and live of a life of passion and purpose is resoundingly addictive. Kyla is now considered one of top educators in Champagne and has spent the past 12 years living her dream life. She has an incredible business and is a gifted speaker.

Kyla has recently launched her second business - Emperor Champagne. Emperor is an online e-commerce destination that offers an expertly curated collection of champagne. Unlike her competitors, Emperor offers superior and dedicated champagne knowledge and service. Emperor allows access to a wide range of champagne at a fair price to both the consumer and the champagne houses.

In 2020, Kyla joined the cast of 'Real Housewives of Melbourne'. 

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