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Overcoming unsolvable problems

Purpose in an uncaring Universe

Sorting through the bullshit

Samuel Hinton

Bringing his passion for science and space to audiences

Samuel Hinton is an award-winning astrophysicist, robotics and software engineer, astronomer, cat enthusiast and education advocate, who is bringing his passion for science and space, to our world, all in his own unique style.

Recently he added Australian Survivor ‘champions’ contestant to his impressive resume. Viewers were captivated by Sam’s eccentric personality and determination, showing that brawn is not all you need to succeed in the Survivor game.

He is one of the few people in the world tackling the largest mysteries of the universe – the hunt for dark energy and dark matter. The award-winning astrophysics PhD candidate is currently working to use exploding stars to constrain the nature of dark energy.

His theses have won multiple prizes, including the coveted Bok prize, awarded to the best Master’s thesis in Australia. Much of his academic work has been recognised by the Australian Institute of Physics, the Astronomical Society of Australia, the Gemini Institute and by Lawrence Berkeley National Lab, offering multiple research fellowships and studentships. Samuel has presented his work in over a dozen institutions on four continents.

An engaging public speaker, spreading his love of science and space to schools and events around Australia with the perfect balance of being able to share his vast knowledge while making it fun for his audiences

Samuel's speaking topics include:

  • Overcoming unsolvable problems: Some problems are so monumental that it seems like the pursuit of them must lead to inevitable failure. From tackling unsolved mysteries like the nature of dark energy to the brutal cut-throat game of Survivor, Samuel thrives on approaching these challenges. Samuel presents his methods for overcoming such challenges and how to come out the end more confident, and more enthusiastic for the next challenge!
  • Purpose in an uncaring Universe: In a world of inequality and hardship, the search for meaning has never been more prominent. And there is nothing like studying the vast magnitude of the Universe to realise the insignificance of the small corner of the cosmos we call home. In an unexpected twist, Samuel explains the freedom that comes with cosmic indifference and how embracing hard truths allows us to reach our full potential and live the most satisfying and meaningful lives we can.
  • Sorting through the bullshit: Nothing riles a scientist up as much as pseudoscience. Unfortunately for Samuel's stress levels, the world is filled to it, with an increasing amount gaining traction in the general population every day. Learn how to shift through the mountains of false claims and tactics encountered every day to detect bullshit and pseudoscience from far off, and avoid it like the plague! And then learn the top tricks of persuaders and marketers, designed to encourage your compliance and convince you despite your best efforts, so that you don't come out second best!

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