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Energise your conference with a speaker from the real world who actually knows why change is so hard

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As a leader in education, Adam Voigt offers fresh insight into the learning environment. Filled with stories, anecdotes, tools, and take-away tools, Adam draws on his experience as a school leader in some of Australia’s most challenging locations.

Obsessed with learning, Adam ensures his presentation is jam-packed with information to create lasting transformation. Whether at a school, or corporate business, Adam leaves his audiences with useful tools that can be applied everywhere. 

Adam has spoken both nationally and internationally, including speaking at International Conferences on the topic of developing successful school cultures in both Singapore and Kazakhstan. His determination and drive, impact and empower every audience member to establish and maintain change. 

Currently, Adam is featured on Channel Seven as their expert in all things learning and schooling.

Passionate about developing individual’s skills and abilities to build meaningful, productive relationships, Adam creates lasting change anywhere he speaks. 

At schools, Adam speaks on the topics of School and Education System Leaders about the critical importance of School Culture, Behaviour Improvement, Classroom Practice, Student Engagement, Cultural Leadership, Bullying Prevention and Restorative Practices. 

In a corporate setting, Adam plants the seed of learning into audiences. He takes individuals through the stages of learning activity, learning relationships, and learning culture to help build a strong and engaged team. 

Speaker Topics

Leading the Learning Generation
With our leaders of learning, such as your Training & Development Managers, in mind, Adam has developed a session that shows that the leading of truly learning teams just became core business for todays leaders. It is only through the deep, creative and even humourous exploration of how we lead with consistency, with focus and through learning that teams really transform. Sure, build it and they will come, but you are going to need the right tools.
Learning: You Are Doing It Wrong
An engaging, confronting and enjoyable exploration of why current learning strategies are failing to transform motivation and improvement in contemporary teams. But the great part is that Adam will spend most of the session showing you just what the first steps are in turning this around 180 degrees. Your team actually is capable of transformation through unlocking its learning potential.
When We Ever Learn?
In this highly confronting, yet enlightening, presentation, Adam will demonstrate how an outdated view of what learning looks like is destroying engagement, improvement, creativity and collaboration within your teams. Adam will also point out the steps required for learning teams to emerge from the pack and to avoid learning experience best described as death by powerpoint.

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