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Isaiah Dawe

Community Leader

Isaiah grew up within the foster care system in New South Wales from the age of 2 months old until he was 18 years.  Isaiah grew up in a disadvantaged daily abusive environment.  He endured 17 different placements with no contact with his biological family.

Isaiah turned his negative experiences into positive experiences and founded the first Aboriginal mentoring organisation to support Aboriginal youth in Out of Home Care, it is a not-for-profit organisation called ID. Know Yourself, their mission is to break the inter-generational trauma and disadvantaged by establishing belonging, discovering purpose and empowering positive choices.

ID. Know Yourself is funded by the NSW Government ‘Department of Communities and Justice’ and amazing corporate sponsors and community donations to provide the impact and support their young kids need.  Most young Indigenous people in care don’t have choices. They are stripped of their community, culture, identity, and belonging. Statistics show they will not finish high school, become homeless, and end up in the criminal justice system. They have no choices. But at ID. Know Yourself, we give them choice. Choice that enables them to become whoever they want to be, to show them that it doesn’t matter where you come from in life, it’s where you are going that truly matters. That you can’t change the past, but how you react to it reflects your future.

Isaiah’s inspirational message is to give back the power of possibility.  He wants everyone to know that anything is achievable despite your circumstances or situations in life.  He wants to empower everyone to know that life is tremendously valuable.  Isaiah envisions a life beyond your present-day circumstances.  He could never imagine the opportunities that he would be able to grasp over the last couple of years.  From a young boy, that couldn’t read or write, that couldn’t even write his name.  To now being a CEO.

Isaiah kept the mindset that anything is possible and to believe in himself.   He became the first Aboriginal person awarded the TAFE NSW Student Graduate of the Year in 2017.  He was the first Aboriginal person to be appointed Chair of the NSW Youth Advisory Committee, he was a Finalist for the 2019 Channel 7 Young Achiever Award.

Isaiah wants to empower everyone to envision a life beyond your circumstances, knowing it is possible and believing in yourself, your dreams are beyond achievable too.

Isaiah’s keynote message is “making dreams come true is possible!  Don’t let anyone’s opinion of you become your reality.  Stay focused, stay passionate, believe in yourself!”

And remember along your amazing journey in life, “No matter how important, cool, smart, attractive, educated, athletic, wealthy you think you are. The way you treat others, defines everything about who you truly are”.

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