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Talented musicians that hold a fantastic reputation

Formed in Melbourne over 10 years ago, Popcorn has built themselves a fantastic reputation within the music industry. Filled with talented and experienced musicians, the band has performed at hundreds of events across the nation.

Featuring the talents of vocalists and musicians, Popcorns consists of Jason Dean, Lynda Fenollar, Dylan Boyd, Joey, Karl Lewis and Rhys Warden.

Jason is one of Melbourne’s finest male singers and keyboard players and he has performed with some of the nation’s biggest acts. His deep tone and wide repertoire holds the crowd’s attention as he moves seamlessly through different genres of music.

Lynda’s voice is one of the most adaptive and has seen her cover songs from a multitude of decades. Her passion for playing with Popcorn is clear to her audience and she loves watching them dance and enjoy the performance.

Dylan brings his experience, impeccable vocals and guitar skills to Popcorn. With a charismatic and charming personality, he brings the room alive and draws in the attention.

Although he is the youngest member of Popcorn, Joey fits in perfectly. A talented bass player, he enjoys performing with Popcorn and loves suggesting songs. He is also known as the band’s specialist rapper!

One of Australia’s best drummers, Karl has performed world tours with Savage Garden and Bjorn Again. Professional and talented, his skills since through whenever Popcorn is on stage.

Rhys’ talent as guitarist lead singer and popularity with audiences has seen him regularly perform with Popcorn.

With a passion that can be felt by every audience member, their musical dedication results in a performance that perfectly fits any occasion. Whether it be a wedding, festival or corporate event, Popcorn works hard to entertain and create the perfect atmosphere for your event.

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