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Matt Bradshaw & G-FORCE - Dance Bands - They have to be seen to be believed

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Matt Bradshaw & G-FORCE

They have to be seen to be believed

Matt Bradshaw & G-FORCE is a band with a vast repertoire and a keen sense of humour – this means that the band can relate to, and engage with, an audience of any type or demographic. This means also that are perfectly suited to, and at home in, any entertainment environment for which they are booked, be it a pub, a corporate event, or a wedding. Songs from the sixties if required, from the ’17’s if necessary – we have the perfect mix of contemporary and classic party songs performed expertly.

Every residency this band has ever had has lasted for years, literally YEARS – be it at Crown Casino (Steakout before its closure, and now Groove on Level One), or any number of pubs and chains around Melbourne, including the well-known Bridie o’Reilly’s and The Elephant & Wheelbarrow chains. That an act can remain – and remain relevant – in the same venue week in-week out for such extended periods of time is a testament to the band members’ abilities as musicians, entertainers and friends. Combine that with the list of satisfied corporate clients for whom the band has performed not to mention an abundance of weddings, and you soon realise that this is a band not only can satisfy any audience any time, but one that also that ticks all the bang-for-your-buck boxes with the perfect choice of pop/rock songs and all the consummate professionalism to make your event an unmitigated success, GUARANTEED, and all within a manageable budget.

Matt Bradshaw is the face of the band, and his experience – let alone the talent that joins him in this band – puts others in the shade, having worked in almost as many cities and countries as you care to name. There is literally no other band in Melbourne that can do what this band does, and hyperbole aside, they have to be seen to be believed.

Matt Bradshaw & G-FORCE perform at both of Crown Casino’s only live full band venues – The Sports Bar and Groove Bar and Lounge – on selected Saturday nights, every month of the year. Available as a four-, five- or six-piece (or bigger still, depending on your specific requirements – all you need do is ask).

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