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Cathrine Summers

With an undeniable on-stage charisma, melodic versatility and playful banter

Cathrine Summers is a popular jazz songstress and soul vocalist, she has been performing to Perth and Sydney audiences for more tha a decade.

Cathrine has a vast and diverse song list including popular modern top 40 songs to soul and Motown hits As well as a broad repertoire from The Great American Songbook and many toe tapping jazz songs,. Her voice is soft, yet husky, delicate, yet powerful and she has the diversity to expand to a powerful soul sound.  Often audiences liken her sound to a mix of Nancy Wilson, Amy Winehouse and Diana Krall.

Summers is becoming known for her vocal prowess and her on-stage charisma with playful banter and is also acclaimed for her live jazz and contemporary performances.  Her persona has been described as warm, energetic, inviting, funny, emotive and full of life.

The quality that sets her apart from other singers is that people of all ages feel 'instantly familiar' with her and soak up her charisma and beautiful, soulful voice.


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