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Big City Beat

Top Melbourne Corporate Dance Band

As one of Australia’s most versatile dance bands, BigCityBeat provide dazzling and entertaining performances for any audience. Fully costumed and choreographed, BigCityBeat cover all music genres.

Having performed both nationally and internationally, including in Beijing, Singapore, New Zealand, and The Middle East, BigCityBeat have fans across the globe. 

One of their most popular shows, ‘Megastars2K’, sees the band perform costumed tributes to artists in a 55-minute extravaganza.

Boasting experienced dancers, brass sections as well as male and female vocalists, BigCityBeat get every audience up and dancing. 

With a strong reputation in the entertainment industry, BigCityBeat have earnt accolades, reputation and respect for their performances. 

Adaptable, BigCityBeat are able to perform in any formation from a 5-piece band to 11-piece band, ensuring they suit any budget and any event. 

To get your audience up, dancing and enjoying their time, don’t hesitate to book BigCityBeat today for your next event. 

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