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Get Video Smart

The video age for business has arrived but there is a reluctance to use it. Why? Simply we feel self conscious in front of the camera. Problem is, that is out of date thinking and it is holding back business. This assumption busting talk makes clear that video for 21C business is different. Your audience realise that in a world hungry for truth, it is them with their lumps and bumps and wrinkles that will drive the authentic, agile marketing machine and they will do it with that pocket sized TV station called their smartphone. This motivational presentation is the perfect way to kickstart video in your organisation. Read less
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The Second Best Job in the World

Everything changes fast these days. Keeping up is hard. The ability to learn, unlearn and relearn is an essential 21C skill. Julian has made an art form out of embracing change: army sniper to globe trotting TV cameraman to magician to speaker. The audience discovers the transformation secrets that took him 25 years to learn, and they find out who has the best job in the world! Read less
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Julian Mather

A master videographer helping you craft the perfect story

Julian Mather is an expert storyteller, having drawn from a diverse career working in different positions. As a leading videographer, he is passionate about inspiring new storytellers across different sectors to craft powerful narratives. 

After a career in the Australian Army, Julian found his next adventure as a documentary cameraman for the ABC. Across his 25-year role, Julian travelled around the world to meet and document some of the world’s most high profile individuals. With his excellent camerawork, the ABC was able to produce high quality documentaries that captured the highs and lows of human nature.

Julian continues to inspire and educate the next generation of storytellers. As a published author, he has written ‘Second Best Job in the World’ and ‘Get Video Smart’. He is also the creator behind the world’s first online training academy for professional children’s entertainers.

Having spent his entire career perfecting the art of storytelling, Julian combines inspirational storytelling, unique content, compelling visuals and practical strategies to delivering an engaging presentation. He is passionate about preparing audiences for the future by teaching two essential 21st Century skills: the ability to learn, unlearn and relearn; and the ability to produce and present engaging videos for any purpose.


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