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Combine mindfulness, psychology, meditiation and quantum energy to succeed!

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Emma Murray is a master of mindfulness and a peak performance mind coach who was considered the “secret weapon” behind Richmond Football Club’s 37 year drought breaking, AFL Grand Final win.  It was her unique program and multidisciplinary approach combining mindfulness, psychology, meditation and quantum energy that was considered the difference in performance for a Club that has a long standing reputation of folding under pressure… but that is just the good news and not the whole story... 

Emma has faced the most difficult challenge demanding all of her skill and mental agility while guiding her teenage son, Will, a gifted athlete, after an accident left him with quadriplegia. After the accident pieces of Emma’s life had to be rebuilt and reimagined but she was determined to thrive. 

Through her writing and speaking engagements Emma not only gives you an insider's account of the performance secrets behind one of the most incredible AFL Grand Final wins in history, but she also outlines the parallels between life changing lessons from the challenges of living with spinal cord injury and finding peak performance in sport, business and life. Emma engages her audience with personal stories as well as those of some of Australia’s elite athletes. 

Important take outs around understanding your mind and finding and owning your A game gives audiences immediate and simple tools to adopt in any high pressure, high expectation environments to perform at their best. 

Speaker Topics

Change your state to change your performance (and your life)
For organisations wishing to improve efficiency, culture and results instantly this presentation is for you. Ideal for either large or small groups, employees, students or athletes will immediately learn how to focus better, feel more energised and engaged.
Family tragedy and a story of survival through the use of mindfulness, perspective and determination
Emma tells her familys story of surviving their sons tragic accident and subsequent quadriplegia in a way which not only captures the hearts and attention of her audience, but also inspires them to switch their own perspectives and strive to change and improve the story they are currently living. Emma skilfully weaves practical skills and lessons into her presentation, bringing to life the elements of mindfulness, gratitude and empathy.
Inside the minds of some of AFL's top players, including de-identified personal stories
Ever wondered what an AFL player really feels and thinks? Ever wondered what makes someone a champion and someone else fail? Emma gives the audience a rare insight into the minds of some of the AFLs top players whilst at the same time giving her audience some valuable take outs to improve their own performance and become champions in their own lives.
Taming the monkey in your mind
Emma captures the essence of mindfulness in a fun and engaging way in this presentation. By including practical exercises and strategies, this presentation is ideal for both large and small groups.
Understanding the machine in our mind and how to control our attention to achieve more, perform bett
Emma runs this presentation in workshop format and is ideal for use as part of a bigger sales training program, company conference or school VCE program. This workshop uses practical exercises and examples taken from the AFL and sporting world to hit home the skill and importance of attention control. Watch efficiency, concentration and engagement soar after participants become aware of a new and better way to operate.


Emma Murray spoke at the 2016 Star Ball Melbourne in August. The Star Ball Melbourne has been running for thirteen years and Emma’s address to the audience was by far one of the most inspiring and impactful that we have witnessed to this date. Emma spoke with complete passion and integrity from go to wow. Her raw encounters of the Murray journey helped in providing the audience with a very small snapshot into their unimaginable story. Emma did not waiver in her execution - her ‘matter of fact’ approach as she spoke was incredibly influential and her ability to draw upon her professional skills in Mindfulness and Health were certainly encouraging. Thank you for your amazing contribution to Star Ball Melbourne Emma - we would highly recommend you for any event in the future

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