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Building a Culture of Candidness

Understanding more about how to use truth as a superpower is a vital step in building a culture of candidness in your organisation.  

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Getting Truth, Spotting Lies in Interviews & High-Stake Interactions

Skills and awareness to give you the edge when you need to obtain truthful information to make informed decisions.  

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How 50% More Truth Can Get You More of What You Want

More sales, better relationships, less people turnover, more trust. Who doesn’t want all that? Discover how being realistic and aware about truth, and making tweaks, can have a big impact on success.

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Unleash Your Inner Wonder Woman

Perfect for any women’s events, this uplifting and inspiring presentation will  leave the audience feeling ready to fly. A special wonder woman inspired ’truth lasso' is given to each audience member to help them power up truth and live their best life.

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Elly Johnson

Thought leader helping people connect and lead using truth

As a communications specialist and thought leader, Elly Johnson draws on her different industry experiences to shed some light on the power of leadership and interpersonal connection.

Joining Victoria Police at 22, Elly became interested in the complex challenges of human behaviour and communication. Her interest would take her around the world to learn different techniques of uncovering accurate and credible information from others.

Decades later, Elly is determined to sharing these reliable techniques globally to help people better read situations to develop confidence and ascertain truth.

With critical and highly valuable expertise, Elly has been consulted within a range of industries, including for international corporate bodies and government agencies. Since 2001, her ‘Perceptive’ programs have helped to advance the professional skills of many, including in Perceptive Interviewing®, Perceptive Leadership and Perceptive Conversations.

Moving into the new decade, Elly is passionate about helping organisation leaders navigate the changing work environment. She has practical strategies to help anyone reach the truth while building healthy relationships, whether it’s at work or at home.

With decades of first-hand experience and practical insights, Elly is the perfect guide to helping any audience navigate the multi-pronged approach to connecting with others and lead by truth.


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