Alexandra Egan

Travels from: Victoria

Passionate about inspiring and empowering individuals, helping them to take control

Categories: Change Management, Communication, Leadership

Full Presenter Profile & Bio

An inspirational leader, Alexandra Egan is passionate about developing, maintaining, and strengthening relationships. She teaches audiences how to connect with and build rapport with people, cultivate relationships, and remove any obstacles. 

Alexandra is an expert in dealing with different people and personalities, and is recognised for her exceptional ability to manage, nurture, and grow both individuals and organisations through the power of behavioural science. She helps people take control of their own lives and discover a deeper understanding of themselves and others. 

With over three decades experience working with marginalised individuals, Alexandra brings her insights, learnings, and behavioural profiling skills, to raise awareness and understanding to any event or conference. 

Alexandra has worked with the Australian Government, where she was involved in identifying working environments between departments, focusing on the different client base, preparedness for change, local response guidelines, training and support, co-location preparation and post support and overall consistency.

In 2008 she was the National Award winner in the category of Networks and relationships, for developing and strengthening working relationships and partnerships within Australian Government Departments and the community. 

Committed to continuous improvement and development, Alexandra is currently completing her Graduate Certificate of Business Administration, providing her with further insight and knowledge, complementing her decades of research and hands on experience.

Speaker Topics

Cracking The Human Behaviour Code
Completely fresh insights on how to become a great negotiator, increasing performance, productivity and bottom line. Drawn from three decades of negotiation, working with prisoners, offenders, victims of crime and witness protection, people with severe disabilities and mental illness, people at risk, addicts, professionals, politicians both state and federal, victims of domestic violence, long term unemployed, homeless... to name a few.
Dealing With Change And How To Adapt To It
Understanding the reasons behind change resistance. How to let go of old patterns and bad habits, successfully building confident individuals and teams with an appetite and enthusiasm for change.
How Our Physiology Creates Our Psychology
Going beyond simply verbal communication. It is so much more than that. Our physiology is another way in which we communicate to others and more importantly, to ourselves. Just as our body language sends powerful messages to those around us, it also sends powerful messages to our own brain, which in turn influences our thinking and our attitude.
Leadership Has Everything To Do With How We Relate with Others
Insights into how to relate with people at all levels. How to effectively build trust and rapport, and develop teams that work together successfully.
The Power Of Rapport: Master the art of effective communication, connection and influence
What makes us tick? Have you ever been misunderstood? Ever wondered why you behave the way you do? This presentation provides the knowledge and understanding of what it takes to master the art of rapport at a level where it works effectively with anyone and everyone you come into contact with.


Alex creates a space for her audience to explore their challenges and together find solutions. Her strength lies in her straight forward approach and ability to enable the room with content, connection & celebration.


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