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Cracking The Human Behaviour Code

Completely fresh insights on how to become a great negotiator, increasing performance, productivity and bottom line. Drawn from three decades of negotiation, working with prisoners, offenders, victims of crime and witness protection, people with severe disabilities and mental illness, people at risk, addicts, professionals, politicians both state and federal, victims of domestic violence, long term unemployed, homeless... to name a few. Read less
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Dealing With Change And How To Adapt To It

Understanding the reasons behind change resistance. How to let go of old patterns and bad habits, successfully building confident individuals and teams with an appetite and enthusiasm for change. Read less
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How Our Physiology Creates Our Psychology

Going beyond simply verbal communication. It is so much more than that. Our physiology is another way in which we communicate to others and more importantly, to ourselves. Just as our body language sends powerful messages to those around us, it also sends powerful messages to our own brain, which in turn influences our thinking and our attitude. Read less
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Leadership Has Everything To Do With How We Relate with Others

Insights into how to relate with people at all levels. How to effectively build trust and rapport, and develop teams that work together successfully. Read less
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The Power Of Rapport: Master the art of effective communication, connection and influence

What makes us tick? Have you ever been misunderstood? Ever wondered why you behave the way you do? This presentation provides the knowledge and understanding of what it takes to master the art of rapport at a level where it works effectively with anyone and everyone you come into contact with. Read less
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Alexandra Egan

Passionate about inspiring and empowering individuals, helping them to take control

Alex is an experienced presenter and can adapt her communication style to each audience she presents to.  Alex is an enthusiastic leader who is both encouraging and motivating.

Alex specialises in project management and business mentoring and work with managers and business professionals at all levels of leadership and business. Her project management skills are second to none.

She has a highly organised mind and is determined to find solutions when there are none apparent in the moment.  Alex creates a respectful space in which people can share information, thoughts and feelings safely, without judgeme


Work experience/Consulting/Training and Mentoring:

Board of Directors for SBMS and Business Mentor

Business Awards Judge

PMO Manager – IT Software Corporate – Lead and Manager 12 Project Managers – 187 projects globally in Europe, Asia, Aust and NZ

Kanagan Institute – Project Manger – Malmsbury Youth Justice Pilot Project

Dept of Education and training – Higher Education – Senior Project Manager - Grants

DJPR – Senior project Analyst

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