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Paul Huschilt - Comedians - A closing experience like no other.

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Paul Huschilt

A closing experience like no other.

Paul Huschilt is a one-of-a-kind speaker who delivers intelligent, customized presentations with comic ingenuity. His premiere offering, “The Ultimate Ending”, is a closing experience like no other. Paul also performs comic keynotes on workplace wellness, change, and employee engagement. He is a former actor, ex-corporate business employee, and world traveller who performs in English, French, Japanese, and now Australian.

For “The Ultimate Ending”, Paul arrives at your conference without a prepared keynote. Incredibly, he gathers material as the program unfolds and weaves his observations with your words and presentations into a one-of-a-kind comic summary. Paul uses his razor-sharp wit, pizzazz, and sense of fun to write and perform a closing keynote that is smart, creative, and exactly tailored to the needs of your audience.

He infiltrates the ranks of your conference as a delegate-in-disguise and then presents his insightful and hilarious outsider’s take on what attendees experienced at the conference. Believing strongly that laughter helps people remember, his mission is to send them home able to recall everything that happened at the conference, including the laughter at the end that brought them to their feet.

In addition to unique summaries, Paul also performs comic keynotes on humour, workplace wellness, change, and employee engagement that are so unique, they defy description. He takes his participants through a series of vignettes that surprise, delight, and educate. His dynamic presentations are long remembered.

Paul Huschilt is an award-winning professional speaker and storyteller who motivates and inspires people to be the best that they can be. Organizations are increasingly looking for unique opportunities to help their employees face the challenges in today’s busy work environment. Paul uses comedy and ingenuity to incorporate your key messages and objectives into a fun-filled, humorous keynote that will speak directly to your employees and their pivotal role in your company’s ongoing success.

Let Paul change your next conference into something people will be talking about for years to come.

In another lifetime, Paul was an actor. Because of this training he can change his style to suit any audience. He can offer outrageous performances to some groups and more reserved talks for conservative crowds, both equally pertinent for the participants.

Paul has spoken around the world, from his home in Canada to the U.S., France, and Japan. He’s also recently been seen appearing at conferences in Australia. His Canadian and Commonwealth sensibilities are behind his respect for all people and his clever humour.

Paul Huschilt offers the perfect messages, presented with intelligence and a dose of side-splitting fun.

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