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Marty Fields

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Marty Fields

Bringing comedy to major corporate events for over twenty years

Marty Fields is one of the most sought-after MCs in Australia, having brought his charisma from the screen to corporate functions. With a unique sense of humour that’s carefully curated for every occasion, Mark is the perfect host for your next corporate event!

Best known for his roles on ‘Hey Hey It’s Saturday’, ‘The Battle of the Sexes’, ‘Blankety Blanks’ and ‘Blue Heelers’, Marty has been bringing a smile to Australian audiences for decades as an Australian TV icon.

With over twenty years of experience as a corporate host, Marty has hosted lively functions for some of the biggest global corporations including Toyota, Best Western, CUB, Millenium3, Coates and the PGA Tour. Marty has also presented at a range of awards nights like The Australian Music Awards, A.G.C. Awards, the NSW Retail Awards and the Network Video Awards. He is also well-versed in major sporting events and fundraising auctions.

From his experience on major corporate roadshows around the world like Sensis, Hilton and Microsoft, Marty has solidified his interviewing skills to bring audiences some of the best Q&A sessions possible.

He can also inject humour and excitement to any fundraising auction, having been the host of Nine Network’s weekly auction TV program Bid On TV.

Marty is also a popular host for his famous and beloved Comedy Trivia segment. Three rounds of questions presented with hilarious physical and mental challenges for the chance to win amazing prizes. There’s no better way to break the ice and encourage group bonding during a conference!

If you’re looking for someone articulate, experienced and entertaining to be your function’s MC, Marty is your no.1 option. His ability to seamlessly move between comedy and straight presenting, while preserving the tone of the event and integrity of a client's brief, is as rare as it is refreshing.

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