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Like a rapidly growing number of people, Graeme Bowman has a strong interest in speeding up the transition from a patriarchal to non-patriarchal ‘human operating system’. His own contribution to this process includes the development of an engaging, interactive presentation that creatively explores:

  • The systemic root cause of the world's ‘wicked problems’: the archaic worldview that underpins patriarchy
  • societal and organisational trends that are moving us away from a ‘command and control' form of leadership
  • the advantages to an organisation of being seen as part of this progressive trend towards a more sustainable, equitable and ethical ‘human operating system’.

This content-rich presentation not only encapsulates Graeme’s unique and original IP, but also reflects his interpretation of deep insights from leading thinkers such as: Peter Senge, Noam Chomsky, John Elkington, Charles Eisenstein, Margaret Wheatley, Gloria Steinem, Naomi Klein and Arianna Huffington.

At the heart of the presentation is a simple, visual, memorable model that delivers a quick succession of ‘Ah-hah’ moments:

  • Pozzy is Graeme’s term for P-OS or Pyramid Operating System (today’s dominant and dysfunctional way of being, living and working.)
  • Cozzy stands for C-OS or Circle Operating System (a new, more nurturing way of leading and functioning, one that has been struggling to emerge for some time, but which is now poised to expand exponentially.)

From Pozzy to Cozzy is aimed at audiences at senior executive level, across corporate, government and civil society sectors. In particular, this interactive presentation suits groups who have come to the conclusion that, both within and beyond their organisation, a holistic and collaborative approach is required to deal with deep, systemic problems.

Key Outcome: An increased willingness and capacity to have ‘Courageous Conversations’ around notions of privilege, diversity, ethical leadership and sustainable business.

Graeme’s specialty lies at the intersection of comedy, creativity and communication. He has over 30 years experience in the areas of communications and entertainment, and has a keen focus on helping clients communicate creatively about complex issues. As a writer and hoax speaker (corporate imposter) he has often lampooned the absurdities of society, corporate life and government bureaucracies.

Graeme’s recent and extensive research into problems associated with social, environmental and economic sustainability gave rise to the concepts underpinning the emerging not-for-profit online community, Wise Women Will Save the World, of which he is Co-Founder.

In early 2015, Graeme produced, wrote and performed in a small-scale, experimental production called Patriarchy – Where Would We Be Without You? This production blended a visual arts installation with poetry, humour and performance, all woven into a series of satirical sketches.

For several years, Graeme was an accredited Lateral Thinking Trainer, and also has experience as a Six Thinking Hats facilitator, motivating people to challenge their current thinking style. He has also contributed to many corporate and training videos as an actor, presenter, writer or producer.   Past clients have ranged across corporate, association, academic, government and community sectors 

Speaker Topics

Hoax Speech
Sophisticated comedy designed to take your audience on an intellectual rollercoaster. Heavily tailored to your industry and organisation.
How to Suck Great Ideas out of Your Head
Challenges your audience to think more creatively, both personally and professionally. Highlights genuine lateral thinking tips and tools. Can lead into a workshop.
Pozzy to Cozzy: Freeing out Planet from Patriarchy
An entertaining and provocative presentation about the current transition from patriarchal to non patriarchal organisations and leadership styles.
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