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Celebrity Chefs

Celebrity Chefs


No one shows more raw passion and enthusiasm for their craft than a chef. What's more, picking up even the smallest tip from them can make a big difference in the kitchen, but listening to them speak about what it takes to be successful in such a competitive, cut-throat environment can make an even bigger difference to the way we approach challenges, both personally and professionally. ​

We have all realised what Celebrity Chefs have known for a long time, being a great chef is not just about being able to serve up culinary delights. It is also about being a good businessperson, well organised, resilient and driven. These are all qualities that come from surviving and thriving in a tough environment.​

The phenomenon of the celebrity chef keeps ongoing, so if you would like to hear about what makes them successful or to run a master class for your company, start by letting us cook up some of our favourite celebrity chef ideas for you!​

To enquire about award-winning celebrity chef speakers, call Keynote Entertainment speakers bureau today! Keynote Entertainment is Australia’s leading speaker celebrity bureau to hire motivational speakers, keynote speaker or business speakers to act as Masters of Ceremonies for your corporate events.​

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Andy Allen - Celebrity Chefs

Andy Allen

Celebrity Chef, 2012 MasterChef Winner and MasterChef Judge

Travels from New South Wales

Justine Schofield - Celebrity Chefs

Justine Schofield

Masterchef Star and Everyday Gourmet host

Travels from New South Wales

Miguel Maestre - Celebrity Chefs

Miguel Maestre

Channel TEN’s The Living Room Celebrity Chef

Travels from New South Wales

Poh Ling Yeow - Celebrity Chefs

Poh Ling Yeow

A passionate and talented chef, author, TV presenter and visual artisit

Travels from South Australia

Matt Moran - Celebrity Chefs

Matt Moran

Arguably one of Australia’s most recognised and influential chefs

Travels from New South Wales

Manu Feildel - Celebrity Chefs

Manu Feildel

Host of Channel 7 My Kitchen Rules

Travels from New South Wales

Guy Grossi - Celebrity Chefs

Guy Grossi

A colourful and entertaining master chef.

Travels from Victoria

Maggie Beer - Celebrity Chefs

Maggie Beer

A beloved Australian food personality

Travels from South Australia

Luke Nguyen - Celebrity Chefs

Luke Nguyen

Inducted in Sydney Morning Herald's Food Hall of Fame

Travels from New South Wales

Julie Goodwin - Celebrity Chefs

Julie Goodwin

A household name after taking home the first 'MasterChef' title

Travels from New South Wales

Darren Robertson - Celebrity Chefs

Darren Robertson

With developed cooking skills, his experience is plentiful

Travels from New South Wales

Karen Martini - Celebrity Chefs

Karen Martini

Award-winning chef, restaurateur, author and television presenter

Travels from Victoria

Nadia Lim - Celebrity Chefs

Nadia Lim

An advocate for 'Nude Food' - everyday simple, healthy, delicious food.

Travels from New Zealand

Sammy & Bella Jakubiak - Celebrity Chefs

Sammy & Bella Jakubiak

Winners of the Channel 7 Hit Show My Kitchen Rules

Travels from New South Wales

Simon Gault - Celebrity Chefs

Simon Gault

A respected chef with a passion for fresh produce

Travels from New Zealand

Guillaume Brahimi - Celebrity Chefs

Guillaume Brahimi

One of Australia's most popular and highly acclaimed chefs

Travels from New South Wales

Justin North - Celebrity Chefs

Justin North

Justin is passionate about “ethical eating” and sustainable produce

Travels from New South Wales

Dominique Rizzo - Celebrity Chefs

Domique Rizzo

Pure food cooking - a chef with a soul

Travels from Queensland

Matthew Evans  - Celebrity Chefs

Matthew Evans

An author, chef, farmer and proud consumer advocate

Travels from Tasmania

Tobie Puttock - Celebrity Chefs

Tobie Puttock

Experience the passion for organics, sustainability, seasonality, and ethical eating

Travels from Victoria

Rebecca Sullivan - Celebrity Chefs

Rebecca Sullivan

Specialises in food, agriculture, social impact and the environment

Travels from South Australia

Jason Roberts - Celebrity Chefs

Jason Roberts

International Celebrity Chef and co-host of 'The Chew'

Travels from United States

Glenn Flood - Celebrity Chefs

Glenn Flood

An innovative chef who works to inspire the lives of others

Travels from Victoria

Kylie Kwong

Kylie Kwong has become synonymous with modern Chinese cooking in Australia. As ...

Travels from New South Wales

Jane de Graaff - Inspirational

Jane de Graaff

Simply put, Jane de Graaff loves everything about her life with food. ...

Travels from New South Wales

Mark Olive - Inspirational

Mark Olive

Mark Olive, aka ‘The Black Olive’, has been a chef for over ...

Travels from Victoria

Darren Purchese - Celebrity Chefs

Darren Purchese

One of the most respected pastry chefs in Australia

Travels from Victoria

Dan Szwarc - Celebrity Chefs

Dan Szwarc

A chef combining his French training, Australian lifestyle and South American heritage ...

Travels from Victoria

Jesse McTavish

Australian Chef and Hospitality Consultant

Travels from New South Wales

Silvia Collocca - Celebrity Chefs

Silvia Collocca

An Italian born food writer, TV producer and host

Travels from New South Wales

Samantha Gowing - Celebrity Chefs

Samantha Gowing

Leading Spa Chef and Clinical Nutritionist 

Travels from New South Wales

Massimo Mele - Celebrity Chefs

Massimo Mele

First class chef with a big Italian heart and soul

Travels from Tasmania

Adam DSylva - Celebrity Chefs

Adam D'Sylva

A passionate and innovative chef, fusing cuisines and blending flavours

Travels from Victoria

Scott Pickett - Celebrity Chefs

Scott Pickett

A​​​n award-winning Chef, author and television presenter with an enviable reputation ...

Travels from Victoria

Steph de Sousa - Celebrity Chefs

Steph de Sousa

Passionate about bringing people together with food

Travels from New South Wales

Derek Lau - Celebrity Chefs

Derek Lau

A fan favourite in the 2019 season of MasterChef Australia

Travels from Western Australia

Larissa Takchi - Celebrity Chefs

Larissa Takchi

The youngest winner in MasterChef Australia history

Travels from New South Wales

Elena Duggan

2016 MasterChef winner

Travels from New South Wales

Kirsten Tibballs

'The Queen of Chocolate’, an internationally respected pastry chef and chocolatier  ...

Travels from Victoria

Adriano Zumbo - Celebrity Chefs

Adriano Zumbo

'The Sweet Assassin' is one of Australia’s most celebrated pâtissiers ...

Travels from Queensland

Paul West - Celebrity Chefs

Paul West

A passionate advocate of real food, community, regional living and sustainable agriculture ...

Travels from Victoria

Paul Mercurio - MCs & Hosts

Paul Mercurio

Beloved Australian actor, dancer, TV presenter and foodie

Travels from Victoria

Adam Liaw - Celebrity Chefs

Adam Liaw

Food personality, chef, author and television host

Travels from New South Wales

Jeff Henderson  - Celebrity Chefs

Jeff Henderson

An honest speaker, who used cooking to change his life

Travels from United States

George Calombaris - Celebrity Chefs

George Calombaris

Turning his passion and love into a career

Travels from Victoria

Gary Mehigan - Celebrity Chefs

Gary Mehigan

Celebrity MasterChef who's inspired a new generation of young cooks

Travels from Victoria

Gabriel Gate - Celebrity Chefs

Gabriel Gate

A French chef with an international reputation

Travels from Victoria

Adrian Richardson - Celebrity Chefs

Adrian Richardson

Use the freshest ingredients and keep it simple!

Travels from Victoria

Alastair McLeod - Celebrity Chefs

Alastair McLeod

Taking his passion for food wherever he goes 

Travels from Victoria

Anna Polyviou - Celebrity Chefs

Anna Polyviou

Award-Winning Pastry Chef and Media Personality

Travels from New South Wales

Matt Sinclair - Celebrity Chefs

Matt Sinclair

A MasterChef fan favourite 

Travels from Queensland


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