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Celebrity Chefs

No one shows more raw passion and enthusiasm for their craft than a chef. What's more, picking up even the smallest tip from them can make a big difference in the kitchen, but listening to them speak about what it takes to be successful in such a competitive, cut-throat environment can make an even bigger difference to the way we approach challenges, both personally and professionally.  

We have all realised what Celebrity Chefs have known for a long time, being a great chef is not just about being able to serve up culinary delights. It is also about being a good businessperson, well organised, resilient and driven. These are all qualities that come from surviving and thriving in a tough environment.

The phenomenon of the celebrity chef keeps on going, so if you would like to hear about what makes them successful or to run a master class for your company, start by letting us cook up some of our favourite celebrity chef ideas for you!

Celebrity Chefs Traveling From:

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Manu Feildel - Celebrity Chefs

Manu Feildel

Host of Channel 7 My Kitchen Rules

Travels from New South Wales

Justine Schofield - Celebrity Chefs

Justine Schofield

Masterchef Star and Everyday Gourmet host

Travels from New South Wales

Miguel Maestre - Celebrity Chefs

Miguel Maestre

Channel TEN’s The Living Room Celebrity Chef

Travels from New South Wales

Gary Mehigan - Celebrity Chefs

Gary Mehigan

Celebrity MasterChef who's inspired a new generation of young cooks

Travels from Victoria

Guy Grossi - Celebrity Chefs

Guy Grossi

A colourful and entertaining master chef.

Travels from Victoria

Poh Ling Yeow - Celebrity Chefs

Poh Ling Yeow

A passionate and talented chef, author, TV presenter and visual artisit

Travels from South Australia

Karen Martini - Celebrity Chefs

Karen Martini

Award-winning chef, restaurateur, author and television presenter

Travels from Victoria

Nadia Lim - Celebrity Chefs

Nadia Lim

An advocate for 'Nude Food' - everyday simple, healthy, delicious food.

Travels from New Zealand

Adrian Richardson - Celebrity Chefs

Adrian Richardson

Use the freshest ingredients and keep it simple!

Travels from Victoria

Darren Robertson - Celebrity Chefs

Darren Robertson

With developed cooking skills, his experience is plentiful

Travels from New South Wales

Simon Gault - Celebrity Chefs

Simon Gault

A respected chef with a passion for fresh produce

Travels from New Zealand

Adam Liaw - Celebrity Chefs

Adam Liaw

Food personality, chef, author and television host

Travels from Victoria

Guillaume Brahimi - Celebrity Chefs

Guillaume Brahimi

One of Australia's most popular and highly acclaimed chefs

Travels from New South Wales

Matt Moran - Celebrity Chefs

Matt Moran

Arguably one of Australia’s most recognised and influential chefs

Travels from New South Wales

Maggie Beer - Celebrity Chefs

Maggie Beer

A beloved Australian food personality

Travels from South Australia

George Calombaris - Celebrity Chefs

George Calombaris

Turning his passion and love into a career

Travels from Victoria

Justin North - Celebrity Chefs

Justin North

Justin is passionate about “ethical eating” and sustainable produce

Travels from New South Wales

Pete Evans - Celebrity Chefs

Pete Evans

A passionate cook and strong advocate for health eating

Travels from New South Wales

Dominique Rizzo - Celebrity Chefs

Domique Rizzo

Pure food cooking - a chef with a soul

Travels from Queensland

Matthew Evans  - Celebrity Chefs

Matthew Evans

An author, chef, farmer and proud consumer advocate

Travels from Tasmania

Luke Nguyen - Celebrity Chefs

Luke Nguyen

Inducted in Sydney Morning Herald's Food Hall of Fame

Travels from New South Wales

Julie Goodwin - Celebrity Chefs

Julie Goodwin

A household name after taking home the first 'MasterChef' title

Travels from New South Wales

Jeff Henderson  - Celebrity Chefs

Jeff Henderson

An honest speaker, who used cooking to change his life

Travels from United States

Tobie Puttock - Celebrity Chefs

Tobie Puttock

Experience the passion for organics, sustainability, seasonality, and ethical eating

Travels from Victoria

Rebecca Sullivan - Celebrity Chefs

Rebecca Sullivan

Specialises in food, agriculture, social impact and the environment

Travels from South Australia

Sammy & Bella Jakubiak - Celebrity Chefs

Sammy & Bella Jakubiak

Winners of the Channel 7 Hit Show My Kitchen Rules

Travels from New South Wales

Jason Roberts - Celebrity Chefs

Jason Roberts

International Celebrity Chef and co-host of 'The Chew'

Travels from United States

Andy Allen - Celebrity Chefs

Andy Allen

Master Chef Winner

Travels from New South Wales

Glenn Flood - Celebrity Chefs

Glenn Flood

An innovative chef who works to inspire the lives of others

Travels from Victoria

Gabriel Gate - Celebrity Chefs

Gabriel Gate

A French chef with an international reputation

Travels from Victoria


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