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Sammy Jakubiak

Sammy and Bella are the team who blew the minds and impressed numerous world-renowned chefs when competing on and winning, series two of Channel Sevens high rating show My Kitchen Rules. 

Sammy love of all thing’s food started at home from very young age, she thought that everyone shared this appreciation but came to realise their family love was so much more. Their family’s approach was always that “home cooked food is the best food”. This meant that food was always fresh and often harvested by the family which led to always helping out in the kitchen and gaining an appreciation for food, leading to the motto that fresh, local and seasonal are always the greatest assets to cooking.

Cooking is in Sammy blood and she remains true to her Hungarian and Polish Heritage with many of their favourite recipes being passed down by generations of family females. Sammy’s grandmother Ursula was a huge inspiration, she worked as a caterer for many different embassies in Warsaw and on an occasion even catered and cooked for Bill Clinton.

On My Kitchen Rules Sammy presented traditional and new Polish Cuisine dishes with their special Beetroot Broth with Wild Mushroom Tortellini being their most traditional and famous dish demonstrating a true testament to their grandmother’s influence. Introducing and bringing the flavours of Central Europe to the Australian palate is in the forefront of Sammy’s cooking along with using their love of travel to include many different cooking skills and flavours from countries and cultures around the world.

From fresh produce to holding a passionate respect for animals in life and in death as ambassadors for RSPCA and supporting free range farming, Sammy embraces and practice nose to tail eating, accepting of all cuts of the animal, they showcase how serious they are about their beliefs with some of their much loved and favoured foods including blood pudding, duck liver pate, braised pigs’ trotters, and roasted bone marrow.

It is clear to see how Sammy quickly built a reputation as the real girl next door and everyone’s best friend in the kitchen.

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