Gretel Killeen

Travels from: New South Wales

TV and radio presenter, humorist, communications consultant and author: The Night My Bum Dropped

Categories: Celebrities, Comedians, Communication, MCs & Hosts

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With her broad reaching career as a ground breaking female in the public eye, Gretel Killeen has been stalked defamed vilified, celebrated and applauded.  With stories that are both gob smacking and inspiring and a presentation style that is heart warming,  Gretel has the unique ability to run a conference like a symphony conductor, orate like Joan of Arc and deliver humour as a stand-up comedian.

As a result Gretel is in demand working as both an MC and keynote speaker throughout the world.  Gretel is known for her quick wit, bravery, humour and intellectualism.  Gretel has hosted Logie Award winning TV, won a Mo Award for her TV Writing and, over seven years as a TV host, led millions of viewers through the precariously unpredictable maize of live television. She was one of Australia’s top voice artists for 17 years, has performed in the legendary musical, The Rocky Horror Show, produced TV packages in Afghanistan, MC’d for troops in Iraq, the Solomon Islands, East Timor and Egypt and directed a documentary on AIDS orphans in Zambia.

Gretel has hosted commercial and ABC radio, travelled to Namibia, Antarctica and Lebanon as a travel writer, worked as a journalist for Australia's major publications, interviewed the gamut from pop icons to pariahs, performed stand-up comedy, written and directed a feature film and written more than twenty books.  She is the 2013 Director of Presentations for TEDx Sydney, has taught 'presenting' at NIDA and now, utilising her wealth of experience, Gretel also teaches the art of Authentic Communication, the comfortable, fearless and powerful presentation of public speaking in the corporate and professional realm.

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