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Adam Dovile

A popular personality on Better Homes and Gardens 

Adam Dovile is a licensed builder and qualified carpenter who first became known to the Australian public with his fiancée Lisa Lamond by winning season two of the Channel 7 program  ‘House Rules’. Adam is now a part of the Better Homes and Gardens Crew and joins Johanna Griggs & the rest of the team as the new resident builder.

Before joining the Better Homes and Gardens Team, he operated his own successful construction company for nearly a decade and he brings a wealth of experience to the show.

Adam has always had a grass roots work ethic; growing up in Melbourne, he spent his younger years working in his parents’ pizza shop before completing a carpentry apprenticeship.

Adam’s enthusiasm for his trade and his radiant smile has made him popular with television audiences. Adam gives credit to his carpentry and construction career to an unlikely mentor. In high school, he enjoyed working with a local mechanic who gave him the advice that changed Adam’s career path. He took that advice and started heading down the road of carpentry and construction.

Being part of House Rules has opened up some amazing opportunities. Recently, Adam and Lisa became ambassadors for the Habitat for Humanity charity. It was a chance for them to give back using their skills and they were lucky enough to travel to Nepal with the Charity in Nov 2014 to help build houses for up to 40 families living in a slum community. This project in Nepal empowered struggling families, via a tiny interest free loan, to own their own homes. It instils pride and relief for families who get a roof over their heads that they own.

Always up for a challenge, Adam continues to run his construction business while working on Better Homes and Gardens.

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