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Phil Owens is a Corporate Behaviourist who specialises in crafting radical transformations within complex organisational environments.  A published author and top flight presenter and speaker across business, Phil delivers the content and style that not only motivates but gives real business insights that help drive enhanced performance.

Decoding and fine tuning the behaviours of individuals, teams and organisations - and aligning them to global business best practice -  is the unique perspective that Phil brings which focuses on finding effective and efficient ways for your delegates to step up and enjoy consistently higher levels of performance, success and profit. 

For over 20 years Phil has been creating radical transformations: shaping and leading international businesses; transforming leaders, teams and organisations in over 50 countries around the globe.  Coupled with his qualifications in Neurophysiology, Psychology, International business, Coaching and Change, Phil Owens knows his stuff, and helps you cut through to create your bigger game. 

Working across a breadth of functions and industries, Phil has coached, mentored, facilitated and consulted individuals, teams and whole organisations to unparalleled success.  A specialist in transformation, leadership, engagement, marketing and sales, Phil brings together the ‘human element’ and modern business practice (including digital marketing) together to bring real insight and powerful take-aways in any session.

Phil has been awarded the title ‘Expert Speaker’ by the CEO institute, has been an invited speaker at keynotes and MBA programs on 3 continents, and works with a range of organisations from high-tech start-ups to top tier International  Blue Chip companies.

Here's a brief synopsis of Phil's range of topics:

Managing disruption

In this session, attendees will learn about the nature of ‘disruption’ – why it is more than just a marketing buzz-word, and why it is critical for managers and leaders to know what to do.  Exploring why disruption happens, why people are poor at spotting and responding to disruptions, and how to use disruptions to gain advantage, this session can be deeply customised into a workshop where attendees can apply the principles to explore their particular business or industry, or it can be delivered as a highly interactive keynote.

Strategy and Innovation

Everybody talks about strategy and innovation, but what do they really mean?  Too often these concepts are just ‘buzz-words’, but in this session attendees will explore the true nature of strategy and how innovation is one of five strategic decisions that business is constantly making.  Exploring a dual layer model of strategy that can be simply applied in any business, this session will challenge attendees to break free of the worst enemies in their business (habit and fear) and develop valuable and purposeful strategy for their success.  As part of this process, the strategy of innovation – and how to practically turn ideas into valuable action, will also be explored.

Leading Change (and Culture)

How many change programs have you seen implemented that simply fail?  In this session, attendees will explore change and how to lead it – so it doesn’t end up on the scrap heap but leads to tangible results.  Understanding why change fails, the human response to change, and the key leadership processes and actions that make or break change will be explored in this session.  Delivered as an engaging keynote or deeply customised to create a workshop for your business or industry, this session will change your ideas on change, and inspire new ways to lead through change to higher performance.

Everyone has a bigger game to play – imagine what can be possible as Phil helps you create yours?  Are you ready?

Phillip Owens - Business Speakers

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