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Passionate about creating customer centric enterprises, Phil Owens works to create organisations and businesses that unlock the true potential of their products, people and processes. 

As a published author and top flight presenter, Phil delivers his content with a style that motivates and inspires his audience to take action. Businesses report seeing enhanced drive and performance. 

From running start-ups to multi-billion-dollar businesses, Phil has spent time creating and managing success. For over two decades, Phil has been performing radical transformations. 

With qualifications in Neurophysiology, Psychology, International business, Coaching and Change, Phil knows his stuff, and delivers presentations with an engaging and dynamic style. 

Phil has coached, mentored, facilitated and consulted individuals, teams and whole organisations to achieve measurable and unparalleled success.  He is a specialist in agile transformation, leadership, engagement, marketing and sales.

Speaker Topics

All Things Agile
The world of agile is dawning. If agile is part of your current model, or something that is on your horizon, then through a customised keynote, workshop, lecture or team facilitation around the agile concept find out how it can be used to truly gain agility. Beyond the buzz words and into the deeply human practices that make up the world of true enterprise, team and leadership agility.
Getting Unstuck
Based upon his critically acclaimed book, Unstuck: A strategic approach to living the life you want, Phil deconstructs where individuals, teams and organisations get stuck, and what they can practically do to shift beyond being stuck to higher levels of performance. These pragmatic sessions focus on unlocking potential, creating personal and professional agility, and developing a tool kit of skills to empower attendees to achieve so much more.
Leading Change and Culture
How many change programs have you seen implemented that simply fail? In this session, attendees will explore change and how to lead it, so it does not end up on the scrap heap but leads to tangible results. Understanding why change fails, the human response to change, and the key leadership processes and actions that make or break change will be explored in this session. Delivered as an engaging keynote or deeply customised to create a workshop for your business or industry, this session will change your ideas on change, and inspire new ways to lead through change to higher performance. Everyone has a bigger game to play. Imagine what can be possible as Phil helps you create yours?
Managing Disruption
In this session, attendees will learn about the nature of disruption, why it is more than just a marketing buzz word, and why it is critical for managers and leaders to know what to do. Exploring why disruption happens, why people are poor at spotting and responding to disruptions, and how to use disruptions to gain advantage, this session can be deeply customised into a workshop where attendees can apply the principles to explore their particular business or industry, or it can be delivered as a highly interactive keynote.
Story Telling
Rather than listen to a speaker tell their story, why not help your audience find their own voice, and unlock the power of their own story? Oral traditions have used the power of story to communicate since the dawn of mankind. Through keynotes, workshops and facilitated sessions, Phil will help your audience find their voice, shape their story, and through it create an inspiring and influential message and communication strategy.
Strategy and Innovation
Everybody talks about strategy and innovation, but what do they really mean? Too often these concepts are just buzz words, but in this session attendees will explore the true nature of strategy and how innovation is one of five strategic decisions that business is constantly making. Exploring a dual layer model of strategy that can be simply applied in any business, this session will challenge attendees to break free of the worst enemies in their business (habit and fear) and develop valuable and purposeful strategy for their success. As part of this process, the strategy of innovation and how to practically turn ideas into valuable action, will also be explored.
The Customer Experience
Bringing the customer experience to the heart of your business allows you to become agile, avoid disruption and create true and lasting value. Beyond simple customer journeys, this topic delves into the behavioural psychology of customers and consumers, their choice architectures, and how we can inspire them to act.


I had the pleasure of working with Phil after he was approached to facilitate a two day workshop. What was originally thought of as a process mapping session, under Phil's experienced direction, developed into a consumer lead articulation of how we might deliver our services, and the processes, teams, skills and tools needed to deliver on the experience our consumers want. Phil's direction and guidance, under pinned by his experience and knowledge were key to a truly valuable outcome for the business over the course of the two days and a rewarding outcome for the individual participants. I have no hesitation in recommending Phil to others seeking his expertise and hopefully will get to work with him again in the future.

Vision Australia

Phil led an internal workshop for our marketing community. The goal was to provide business updates, to connect the countries directly with the global teams, to foster discussion, provide training on core skills and also to promote best-practise sharing. Phil has been chosen over the past years to lead this meeting and we decided that he was the right person to lead it this year. Not only does he have an intimate understanding of our business (having worked for the company in this area of business), but he also is an excellent speaker and coach to large and small teams. The role was particularly challenging as we have a very international mix of participants with varying ability to speak English. Phil is clearly in his element doing this kind of work and providing a compelling live example of what is possible when you reach your own "bigger game". He is definitely our first choice to moderate this kind of meeting.

Bayer AG

We were dealing with a significant change project in one of our core functions which would require a massive shift in mindset and skills towards true customer service. After speaking with Phil, a program was devised which would focus on front of house staff, back of house staff and the leadership, with the aim of creating a culture of service excellence our customers deserved. It was great working with Phil. He quickly got the brief and put together a specific program for us. Feedback from the staff was amazing – many reporting it was the best program that they have ever experienced. His style was engaging and he not only built highly valued skills, but also drove massive shifts in the culture. His work with the leadership was equally impressive – really unlocking the keys to creating a sustained culture around our values and being great leaders. The outcomes are great – even from day 1 the staff really stepped up, and we are still reaping the benefits today. I would highly recommend Phil based upon the difference he made for us.

Peninsula Health

Phil Owens ran a ‘Customer Experience – Customer Services v’s Customer Slavery’ session for the Team as part of a two day Strategy Session. It touched on Purpose, Language, and true authentic and 100% accountable customer excellence, which enhanced the leanings before and after his session. The response from the team afterwards included these soundbites: “Wow – we wanted that workshop to last so much longer…” “Time simply flew…” “He was absolutely amazing, so passionate, and so clever, so engaging…” “We love the power of language and his use of it is incredible…” “Knowing the why – here and also in our own lives…” “That was the best session we have ever done or been to at SAI Global…”. I would absolutely recommend Phil to any organisation as he is one of the best in the business. Thank you Phil.

SAI Global Property

Phil's Keynote at our Strategic Team Workshop was incredible. Here are some 'samples' of the feedback from participants. Thank you again Phil. "It's hard to describe Phil Owens and his wealth of knowledge, but a word that comes close is 'incredible'. I particularly admire Phil's ability in deconstructing simple every-day things and explaining them in a way that inspires you to be the best you can be. I really value the lessons I have learnt from Phil". "Fantastic and concise explanations for exactly what our company needs. Great to have the thought process shaken up and thinking in a completely different way. Thanks Phil. Highly informative and enjoyable". "I would like to thank you for the insights into the process of maintaining change within a business. The explanations you provided into fear, motivation, exploration and the difference between seeking perfection or pursuing excellence were/are invaluable. I saw myself in many situations you described. I am also instigating a change process within my own mind."

SAI Global

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