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Don’t Let Disaster Goodwill Ruin Your Reputation

When disasters strike it’s natural to want to help. And during the 2019/2020 bushfires, individuals and communities demonstrated unprecedented levels of goodwill giving in cash, goods and services and volunteering. But how much of that goodwill was helpful, and how much put communities in the red. Presenting global trends and local examples, Renae demonstrates how helpful goodwill is a two-way equation, and ineffective goodwill can set profits and reputations plummeting. Introducing her ‘token is broken’ solution, you’ll learn her 10-step approach to corporate disaster giving. Read less
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Let them know you’ll be there

When disasters strike people seek leaders. At work, at home, in communities and government. Renae will show how every person in the room is a leader. And at times of crisis, how leadership can be the biggest asset to your people, reputation and profits. Providing case examples of global corporates who went from almost bankrupt to the number #1 brand in the midst of a disaster, Renae shares basic steps organisations can take to build trusted networks with internal and external communities. Steps that evolve their everyday culture and embeds resilience as an everyday norm. Read less
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Resilient Ready?, Together

If your approach to disasters sits in a business continuity plan owned by a silo team member, it won’t help you thrive. Sharing her Resilient Ready? methodology, Renae will introduce the 4P approach where Prevent, Prepare, Promote and Protect sets a new, holistic, multi-stakeholder culture to getting ahead of disasters. With resilience the new vital business capability, Renae will demonstrate why everyday business as usual preparedness and resilience is essential (and achievable) for sustainable success. Read less
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Understanding the disaster landscape

The disaster landscape is complex. Our federation-style government model, notion of shared (but not equal) responsibility and reactive approach makes it near impossible to understand. Using everyday language, Renae helps inform audiences across all organisations on the role they can play and where to stay away. Given the new era of more frequent, more destructive and compound disasters, Renae provides value in sharing her knowledge and experience of all stages of the disaster lifecycle – before, during and after impacts such as bushfires, floods, storms, cyber-attacks and pandemics. Read less
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Renae Hanvin

Renae Hanvin has made a career of helping businesses understand their risks and vulnerabilities.

She has worked with the likes of Australia Post, Coles, Toyota, Mars, and McDonald’s providing strategic advice around risk reduction, and crisis and incident responses, and now channels that expertise into her trailblazing work around disaster resilience.

Passionate about helping organisations and governments recognise and act on risks before disaster strikes, Renae integrates her thinking around disaster preparation and resilience. Committed to building resilient businesses and helping communities thrive, Renae leads engaging collaborations between government, corporates, and small business.

Renae founded certified social enterprise corporate2community (C2C), which has recently won Federal and State government grants worth more than $1million. C2C is now piloting innovative business community projects in bushfire areas across NSW to build capabilities where they are needed the most.

Focused on protecting people, reputation, and profits, she works with organisations of every size, type, industry, and location.

Recognising the growing need for a new approach to resilience, Renae recently launched Resilient Ready (RR), a methodology she created when she founded C2C. Resilient Ready is driving a new ecosystem in business community resilience that will save lives and livelihoods and strengthen community networks and global wellbeing.

She chairs the South Gippsland Shire Council Visitor Economy Advisory Group, sharing her expertise across policy, strategic and framework alignment, and stakeholder engagement.

Renae speaks about risk reduction, disaster preparedness and resilience, building corporate and community connections, the power of stakeholder engagement, and how to establish strategic partnerships.

Knowledgeable and relatable, Renae hosts the ‘Doing Disasters Differently’ podcast, regularly speaks at industry events and has been published internationally.

Renae is available for in person and virtual events.

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