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Marty Switzer

Travels from: New South Wales

An expert on financial, business and economy matters

Categories: Business Coaching, Facilitators, MCs & Hosts

Full Presenter Profile & Bio

Marty is an experienced multi-media commentator who will inform your audience on the economy and financial matters and provide business education and conduct business coaching. His insightful commentary on the economy and where business is headed, is informed by his thorough analysis of economic indicators and uncertainties.

Marty graduated from the University of Sydney, Social Sciences. He is a director of the Switzer Group and co-founder of its coaching arm, Switzer Business Coaching. He has written for national newspapers and provided current and background radio commentary on the economy and business directions in Australia. In 2004 he concluded a series of recordings broadcast on FM radio on behalf of the Australian Taxation Office to provide taxation education and tips to young people.

Marty’s speaking engagements have included topics on creating small business… that works for you, and analyses of the best in economic thinking in the country.

Marty Switzer - Business Coaching

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