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Conscious Leadership

Conscious Leader programs enable a true understanding of what it takes for an individual to become a leader of merit and one that others chose to be around. Leading in times of rapid change, where the ground rules shift and disruption rules, involves first raising your own self awareness. The key to higher productivity and being able to envision the present and the future with clarity involves developing relationships with your peers and employees on a deeper level. By freeing yourself from your own personal blocks (mindsets, assumptions, beliefs and fears) whilst getting in touch with your emotions and heart, allows you to unleash your intuition and manage your energy effectively becoming a more centred and focused leader. Read less
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Master Your Energy For Success

Recent statistics from the OECD show that Australians are amongst the hardest workers (in the total number of hours worked per week) compared to workers in any other country. Senior executives regularly work in excess of 70 hours per week. When work accounts for 70 hours or more per week, the remaining time for relaxation is inevitably compromised. Learning how to master your energy and work more productively, under pressure begins with awareness. This presentation includes the latest research from neuro science with mindfulness practices designed to help you manage stress and be more energized every day, at work and at home. Read less
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Think Like an Entrepreneur: The Mindset of Success

Entrepreneurs have an ability that distinguishes them from others in business. They have a heightened intuitive sense, leading them to uncover opportunities sometimes, previously unimagined. Visionaries, the late Steve Jobs and Sir Richard Branson immediately spring to mind. Both have spoken openly about the power of their intuition and sought to develop this skill. The formula for their success originates from a strong intuition about a potential new idea. Added to that is a blend of passion and intentionality to create alchemy. Entrepreneurial education needs to be improved to not only focus on logical analysis where the brain power is restricted, by accessing insights to have breakthrough ideas easily. We are increasing dependent on a knowledge based economy as we move away from more manual occupations. Entrepreneurial thinking is a skill, to be improved, demonstrating that everyone can create and sustain new thinking to develop more divergent business opportunities. Read less
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Jane Mara

The executive coach building intuition to help business leaders succeed

Jane Mara has been coaching individuals across different sectors to strive for success in this personal and professional lives. She continues to share her research expertise as an author, management trainer and executive coach.

With a postgraduate diploma from the Macquarie Graduate School of Management, Jane complements her tertiary education with a range of qualifications, including as a certified NLP practitioner, holistic counsellor, and a facilitator for the Australian Institute of Management.

Jane interviewed business leaders and entrepreneurs to conduct extensive research for her first published book 'Intuition on Demand'. It remains the leading guide around the world for examining how intuition affects the decision-making process of professional leaders. For her insight, AFR Boss magazine has included her book in the Top 50 Management Books in 2006.

Since then, she has gone on to publish a second book, 'Think Like an Entrepreneur – the Mindset of Success', to help readers better understand the relationship between intuition and business.

Jane continues to share her expertise with a range of business professionals around the world, including CEOs, senior managers and business owners. She has adapted her coaching across the finance, education, healthcare, communications and the public sector,

As a keynote speaker, Jane is highly respected for her extensive insight and practical strategies. She is capable of communicating complex information to any audience, developing key programs and management skills to help any professional succeed in all areas of their lives.

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