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Behaviour Change (Or Not?) in 2022

The world has seen more change in the last year than it has in the last decade, making it particularly difficult to predict how humans will behave - and make decisions - in our new reality. In truth, we are nowhere near the rational, pragmatic decision makers we’d like to think we are. Instead, most of our choices are shaped by emotion, biases and the context within which they’re made. In this rapid fire presentation, Dan explores a collection of behavioural biases that are most relevant to our post-lockdown world. For each, he brings to life the foundational research, real-world examples and actionable key takeaways to achieve even better results for your customers and brand. Applicable to anyone in the business of influencing humans, this high energy presentation will leave you feeling ready to take the year ahead by the horns and accelerate your brand's growth in 2022. Read less
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Terrible Advice for Excellent Marketers

So much of what we’re taught about marketing makes complete sense, provided our customers are perfectly rational human beings. Unfortunately, that's rarely the case. In this interactive presentation, Dan Monheit uses core concepts from behavioural science to explain how following logical, well-intentioned advice, can lead to catastrophic outcomes for brands. Drawing on research from Nobel Laureates, he’ll demonstrate why ‘no brainers’ like competitive pricing, long term thinking and seamless customer experiences, should be at the bottom of the 'to do' list for any great or aspiring marketer. Read less
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Dan Monheit

Leading the charge in understanding behavioural science as co-founder of Hardhat

As Australia’s most prominent creative agency, Hardhat has pioneered the industry with its focus on behavioural science.

Founded alongside childhood friend Justin Kabbani in 2005, the agency has become the nation’s most in-demand creative consultants, with clients from the Victorian Government, Mattel, Bega, Victoria University and Simply Energy.

Determined to help more business leaders, marketers and brands understand the psychology behind consumers, Dan's expertise has been delivered to thousands of global audiences, including at major international events like Texas’ SXSW.

In 2020, Dan’s insights into human behaviour were published in more than a dozen publication. He was also invited to collaborate with Google and Carsales individually to work on a content series. 

Regularly featuring in top charts, his ‘Bad Decisions’ podcast draws in thousands of listeners from over 100 countries. 

Dan continues to share his behavioural insights through his 2022 book, ‘Terrible Advice for Excellent Marketers’.


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