Wobbly Waiters

Travels from: Victoria

These Waiters are not as they appear

Categories: After Dinner Entertainers, Comedians

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Discover some hilariously interactive entertainment through Wobbly Waiters.

Dressed as professional waiters, the Wobblies seamlessly blend with venue staff, interacting with guests in a formal and professional manner as you would expect. However, guests are soon to discover all is not as it seems.

All of a sudden, a commotion ensues as guests get cornered with safety tape due to crumb violations, or on-the-spot fines for etiquette breaches, or even get sold duty-free goods from recent trips.

Wobbly Waiters ensure an entertaining start to any event, that is sure to leave the room buzzing with excitement. 

Wobbly Waiters - After Dinner Entertainers

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