Tim Gard

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More than a comedian, Tim teaches resilience and resourcefulness 

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This is Tim. Tim is Funny.

Tim Gard is a fall-out-of-your-seat and pee-your-pants-funny, Hall of Fame Speaker on increasing productivity, morale, individual accountability and increasing overall job satisfaction.

His style is very visual and interactive; his programs provide a unique shared experience from start to finish.

How's YOUR Comic Vision?

The pressures, stress, and expectations we face day in, and day out can take a toll on our resilience and drain our sense of resourcefulness.

Having addressed audiences of every size around the world, Tim is more than a corporate comedian.

He teaches people to be more resilient and resourceful using their very own comedic style.

Tim coaches businesses on how to enhance productivity and employee enthusiasm using humour – workplace appropriate, of course! An internationally recognized authority on stress reduction and conflict resolution, Tim Gard’s easy-to-implement techniques provide audiences with ways to diffuse, deal with, and even avoid intensely stressful encounters.

Instead of making light of serious issues, Tim shines a light on unseen possibilities for alternative solutions to challenging situations.

His programs are entertaining demonstrations of how to develop and use your Comic Vision.


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Tim Gard - After Dinner Entertainers

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