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Aimee Stanton

Travels From Victoria

Aimee Stanton

Beloved DIY expert changing up the Australian tradie industry

Aimee Stanton has become one of Australia’s most recognisable and prolific DIY specialist. 

Pivoting from her career in plumbing, Aimee’s DIY expertise covers everything from building to sustainable living. As Australia’s first female tradie presenter, she is also a strong advocate for Women In The Trades.

Aimee has made frequent media appearances in Australia as a contestant on Channel 7’s House Rules, Channel 10’s Survivor Australia and a guest co-host on Studio 10.

As the co-founder of Tiny Stays, Aimee builds off-grid short term accommodation in Victoria with her brother Ben. Offering unique experiences that allow guests to live in nature, while still enjoying the comfort of hotel facilities, Tiny Stays has helped plenty of tourists re-discover their love of nature in sustainably-built accommodation.

In her spare time, Aimee has been an advocate for Victoria’s Free TAFE campaign in 2019; she has also helped raise awareness for cerebral palsy through a 600km walk over 24 hours.

With her delightful sense of humour and likeable personality, Aimee is an inspiration to all audiences looking to give DIY a try!

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